The Rape - Episode 4

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<< Rose Is Unconscious!! >>

Mr. Bassey, Chika and the two twins waited till 1am and they became
worried about Rose whereabout.

Mr. Bassey: (to Chika) Woman! You allowed her to go on the date.
Chika: She will be back soon, let's just exercise a little more patience.
Mr. Bassey: It's 1am already and she is not back! You are to be held
responsible for anything that happens to her.
Chika: Hah! Nothing will happen to her, she is old enough to take care
of herself.
Mr. Bassey: She better be alright.
Akpan: We warned her not go but she didn't pay attention to us.
Agbo: She kept saying that she has more experience than us, I hope she's okay.
Chika: She will be.
Mr. Bassey: Akpan, Agbo come inside and sleep.

The twins went to their room, Mr. Bassey and Chika waited for a while
and went back to their room.

Around 7am in the morning Mr. Bassey receive a phone call from an
unknown number, he picked up the call.

Mr. Bassey: Hello, who's on the lin?.
Unknown Caller: It's me sir, Frank. I was Rose course mate when we
were in school.
Mr. Bassey: Oh, I remember you Frank.
Frank: There's an emergency sir.
Mr. Bassey: What about it?
Frank: It's about Rose, she was found unconscious this morning.
Mr. Bassey: What? Is she okay? Where is she?
Frank: She is at the town General Hospital. Your presence is needed at
the hospital, she is still unconscious.
Mr. Bassey: Okay, thank you very much. I will be there in a moment.
Frank: Okay sir. We are expecting you.

Mr. Bassey dropped the phone and rushed to the bathroom, he brushed up
and had his bath immediately.

He went back to the room and started dressing up, his wife woke up
and saw him dressing up. He wasn't supposed to be going anywhere that

Chika: Darling, where are you going to?

He remained silent.

Chika: Darling, tell me.
Mr. Bassey: Look at yourself woman, look at what you have caused.
Chika: (standing up from the bed slowly) What's it Darling?
Mr. Bassey: Rose was found unconscious early this morning.
Chika: Chi mo o. Where's she now?
Mr. Bassey: You better meet me at the town General Hospital, this is
all your fault.
Chika: Please wait for me.
Mr. Bassey: I can't, come with Agbo and Akpan when you are ready.

Mr. Bassey left the house and headed straight to the General Hospital.

Mr. Bassey got to the hospital and called Frank, he told him the ward
he was and Mr. Bassey went over to meet him.

Frank: Mr Bassey welcome.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you, where is she?
Frank: (points to the nearest door) She's in there, the doctors are
working on her.
Mr. Bassey: I hope she is okay.
Frank: Yes, the doctors said she is still unconscious.
Mr. Bassey: So where was she found?
Frank: She was found unconscious in an empty building, her body was
all soaked with blood. She was raped!
Mr. Bassey: Raped? This is bad. I warned her but she didn't listen.
Frank: Did you know anything about her outing that night?
Mr. Bassey: She said she was going on a date with one Charlie.
Frank: The police need to be involved in this case, that Charlie needs
to be interrogated.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, but let me see how my daughter is faring first. Her
safety is more important to me now than anything else, her mother will
soon be here.

Mr. Bassey kept talking with Frank until Chika and her twins arrived
at the hospital. The doctors hadn't come out of the room yet.

Mr. Bassey introduced Frank to Chika and the twins, he also briefed
them of the situation.

Twenty minutes after Chika and the twins came over, the doctors came
out of the room.

They rush over to the doctors.

Mr. Bassey: Doctor how is she?
Doctor 1: She's in a stable but critical condition right now, you
wouldn't be able to see her now.
Mr. Bassey: Ah, doctor. Please try all your best so she will be okay,
it's all her mother's fault. She allowed her to go on the date after
all my warning.
Doctor 1: You don't have to go with the blaming game now, I suggest
you report this case to the police. They will handle it well and bring
the culprits to justice.
Mr. Bassey: I will do that this afternoon.
Doctor 1: Okay, follow me to my office. You have to fill some details.

Mr. Bassey followed the Doctor to his office, he filled in some
details and paid for everything possible so that his daughter will be

He came out of the office and thanked Frank for the tip off, they both
talked for a while before Mr. Bassey and his family zoomed off in
their car.


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