The Rape - Episode 5

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Mr. Bassey drove to his house visibly angry after all that just
happened, he never dreamt a day such could happen to his family. His
plans of the day have been shattered because of the unfortunate event,
what have happened have happened, he said to himself.

Chika on the other hand was afraid of both the event and what her
husband may say. It's all my fault, she said to herself. I shouldn't
have let her go the date despite all her father's warning, she also
said to herself. All she wanted now was for her daughter to be
alright, and then she could beg for her forgiveness. She shed tears
while they were in the car, apart from that she has to face Mr. Bassey
at home. She wish he will be calm this time.

The twins, Akpan and Agbo were both calm. They were sad, they both
wished Rose had paid attention to their concern. What a pity! The two
didn't say anything while they were in the car, just like their
parents too didn't utter any word as they drove. Their father was
driving to reach home quick, while their mother was deep in her
The twins just wished their elder sister would get well soon.

They all got to the house and Mr. Bassey went straight to the bedroom
without uttering any word, the twins and their mother stay in the
living room.

Akpan: Mummy don't worry sister Rose will be fine.
Chika: Amen. That is also my prayer.
Agbo: So the doctor said she was still unconscious, what does that mean?
Chika: She just passed out I guess, I pray it is not coma. God forbid,
my daughter will never be in a coma. Never!
Akpan: Don't worry, she will be alright.
Chika: Yes.
Agbo: I'm a little hungry now.
Chika: Oh, let me get to the kitchen. Please pray for Rose.
Akpan: We will.

Chika went over to the kitchen, her husband was suprisingly calm. When
things almost as bad as this happened, her husband was usually angry.
She didn't know what could be responsible for this? Could it be that
he was thinking it was all his fault? Chika thought as she preapared
the food in the kitchen.

The food was ready and she served it to her twins in the living room,
they both said "thank you mum" as they had their food.

Agbo: You are so fast.
Chika: Your sister could have been faster.
Akpan: Mum, stop thinking about that. Sister Rose is going to be okay.
Chika: Yes, let me go to the bedroom and tell your dad that the food is ready.

Chika went into the bedroom and saw her husband lying down on the bed
with his face on the ceilings, he was probably thinking Chika thought.
After waiting for a few moments Chika tapped him, he looked at her and
smiled. Why was he smiling? Chika asked herself.

Chika: Darling, your food is ready.
Mr. Bassey: Okay, I will be there in a moment.

As Chika made to go Mr. Bassey told her to wait.

Mr. Bassey: My beautiful wife please don't be angry about what I said
earlier, about this being your fault. I have to be blamed, if only I
could have stopped her and not putting the blame on you.
Chika: It's nothing darling, people make mistakes.

Chika left the room and served Mr. Bassey's food at the dining room,
her two twins were already done eating theirs. They were fast eaters,
the twins have tuned to their favourite DSTV channel.

Mr. Bassey had gone to the dining room, he was playing blues on his
phone as he was eating.

He wasn't done eating when he received a call from one of his
employees, the employee told Mr. Bassey to watch Channels TV at that

Mr. Bassey left the food he was eating as he went to the livingroom,
he told to twins to change the channel to Channels Tv.

When they did, the news read " The Daughter Of The CEO Beverage
International Nig. Ltd Daughter Have Been Raped After Getting Drunk In
A Party". They said things that she was a wayward spoilt brat who
always spent the night at the clubs wasting her father's money,
hanging out with different boys and intimidating other girls with her

Mr. Bassey: They have finally goten me.
Chika: Aah, my daughter is not a wayway one.
Mr. Bassey: It must be Charlie, I was right all this time about him.
Chika: (shaking her head) So he was just using my daughter all this time.
Mr. Bassey: It seems Rose refused telling him anything about my
company, so he resorted to this. He will pay!


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