The Rape - Episode 6

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<< Mr. Bassey At The Station >>

After Mr. Bassey finished watching the news he didn't bother going
back to his food, he made for the door. He was going to report the
rape case to the police. Chika saw that he hadn't finish his food yet
so she asked where he was heading to.

Chika: Darling, where are you going?
Mr. Bassey: The police station.
Chika: Good, but still you should finish your food before going there.
You need strength to talk.
Mr. Bassey: I know, but don't worry. I just had the right amount my
body needs now.
Chika: Well, if you say so.
Mr. Bassey: I will be right back.
Chika: Okay darling.

The twins were still at the living room, they heared everything their
parents discussed.

Akpan: So this is the work of daddy's enemies.
Chika: Yes, but God will disgrace them all. My daughter will be alive
and well, she will return back home to me soon.
Agbo: I believe so, but I wonder what people will say when they see
you or Dad. The may say you people didn't train us well.
Akpan: Our friends might be laughing at us too.
Chika: You two shouldn't care about what people may say, you both know
your sister better than anyone. She's a very good girl, the one every
mother dreams of.
Agbo: Yes mama.

The twins tuned back to their favourite channel.

Few minutes later they heard a knock on their door, Akpan went over to
check who it was. It was Rebecca.

Akpan: Aunty Rebecca!
Rebecca: How are you Akpan abi Agbo?
Akpan: It's Akpan.
Rebecca: Good, so where's your mother?
Akpan: She's inside, let me go in and tell her you are around.
Rebecca: Okay.

Akpan went in and told Chika that Rebecca was around, so she followed
Akpan to the living room.

Chika: Rebecca, Rebecca. How are you?
Rebecca: I'm just good ma'am.
Chika: I can see that already in your body.
Rebecca: Hmm, you are funny ma.
Chika: Hmm, I believe you have heard about what happened to your friend.
Rebecca: Yes, I did. So I rushed down to the hospital but the Doctors
said I couldn't see her yet.
Chika: I pray she gets well soon.
Rebecca: Yes, but I wish she listened to my advice. This wouldn't have
happened if she did so.
Chika: You warned her too?
Rebecca: Yes, I warned her when she told me she had a date with that
Charlie. I told her not to trust him.
Chika: Ewo o, my husband also talked about this Charlie.
Rebecca: He must have known Charlie, Charlie is a strong man in your
husband's rival company.
Chika: Oh, I see. So he tried using my daughter to know my husband's
company secrets.
Rebecca: Exactly Ma. I pray she recovers soon.
Chika: She will.
Rebecca: I hope you people have reported the case to the police.
Chika: My husband is on his way to the police station.
Rebecca: Good, Charlie and his friends must be brought to justice.
Chika: Yes. Thank you very much for your concern.
Rebecca: It's nothing ma'am. What are friends for?
Chika: You are the only friend of hers that has come.
Rebecca: I believe the rest are on their way, they will be here anytime.
Chika: Maybe, they could only be fair weather friends.
Rebecca: I met a friend of hers at the hospital, his name is Frank.
Chika: Oh yes, he was the one who called my husband on phone to inform him.
Rebecca: That's nice of him.
Chika: Yes.
Rebecca: I will be in contact with you people to know the latest
updates, I will also be visiting Rose at the hospital.
Chika: Thank you very much.
Rebecca: It's nothing ma'am.

The two of the kept on discussing.

(At The Police Station)

Mr. Bassey had already reached the police station, he was with an
officer in his office.

On his way to the police station many people who knew his car tried
stopping him to ask questions, but he waved them off.

He had explained everything to officer Titus.

Officer Titus: I have heard you sir, I and my boys will go very deep
into this issue. The punishment for rape is life imprisonment.
Mr. Bassey: Very good, they will pay for what they did to my daughter.
They want to ruin my family.
Officer Titus: We will arrest the suspect and we will get his gang members too.
Mr. Bassey: (smiles) I really appreciate sir.
Officer Titus: It's my work.

The officer and Mr. Bassey talked for a while then the later decided
to head home.


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