The Rape - Episode 7

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( At Charlie's Place )

Charlie and the other four men who gang raped Rose was chilling at his
house, they had completed their evil plan.
The real man behind the rape was Mr. Bassey's rival company CEO (Mr.
Ibrahim), Mr. Bassey's company got more customers and clients than

Mr. Ibrahim had planned several times to get hold of the secrets of
Mr. Bassey's company, he tried many times but failed.

He then sent Charlie as a spy to get information about Mr. Bassey's
company, by Charlie pretending to love Rose. The plan almost worked as
Rose got into Charlie so much, but she was careful anytime Charlie
starts a topic about her father's company.

Since the plan failed Mr. Ibrahim ran out of options, he thought to
damage Mr. Bassey's image. He wanted to make him look irresponsible so
that clients will run away from Mr. Bassey's company.

He told Charlie to rape Rose and then he will go to a TV station
through one of his man, and also by using bad headline.

Charlie agreed on the deal and went along with four of his former gang
member when he was still in the street, before he got his recent job.

Charlie called Rose that they were going for a date and that he had a
suprise for her.
Rose out of love and her innocence went to the date but unfortunately
she fell into the plan of Charlie and his evil boss Mr. Ibrahim.

After gang raping Rose and she became unconscious, Charlie called Mr.
Ibrahim that the evil deed was done.

Mr. Ibrahim laughed and smiled as he got the news, he proceeded to a
TV station through one of his man who was a journalist to report the
news with a bad headline.

Mr. Ibrahim didn't care if Charlie and his men were caught because he
had connections in the police fore, this made Charlie and his men feel

Mr. Ibrahim plan had come to pass and he was just waiting for events
to unfold, and also waiting for the downfall of Mr. Bassey's company.

For Charlie fulfiling the plan means a lot more to him, he was going
to be promoted in the office with some goodies attached.

Charlie had settled his former gang members nicknamed Baddo, Umaga,
Rambo and Kala.
The five of them were at Charlie's house after the evil deed the night
before, it was a work free day for Charlie.

He called Mr. Ibrahim as he and his accomplices drank all sorts of
drinks in the house.
Mr. Ibrahim picked the call.

Charlie: Hello sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Charlie, Charlie.
Charlie: Yes boss. I called to know how things are going over there.
Mr. Ibrahim: Fine, fine.
Charlie: That's good sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Just as we agreed your promotion letter is already
waiting for you. And some goodies ofcourse.
Charlie: That's okay sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: As for your four accomplices I will pay them more. As for
police protection don't worry, even if you five are arrested you will
be out soon enough.
Charlie: Thank you sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, I will get back to you later.

The call came to an end, Charlie told his four accomplices what Mr.
Ibrahim told him. They hailed him as they played music loudly.

( Back At Mr. Bassey's Place )

Mr. Bassey had arrived home after meeting with the police officer
Titus, before he arrived Rebecca had already left.

Chika: Hello darling.
Mr. Bassey: Yes my love.
Chika: How was it?
Mr. Bassey: It went fine, the police have promised me that they will
get to the bottom of the case.
Chika: That's good.
Mr. Bassey: This is surely Mr. Ibrahim's handwork, he wants to tarnish
my image and my company's. It won't work, I'm out for him. I will go
to a TV station and to some newspapers, I am out for them.
Chika: Yes, they won't win.
Mr. Bassey: Okay dear, let me rest for a little while.
Chika: Oh, by the way Rebecca came here. She is the only friend of
Rose who came here.
Mr. Bassey: That's nice of her. The rest must be fair weather friends.

Mr. Bassey went inside to rest for a while.


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