The Rape - Episode 8

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<< The Five Men Gang Arrested >>

Three days passed since the rape incident, the police had be doing
their investigation in the case.
Rose was yet to gain consciousness and this made her family very
worried, they visited the hospital in those three days and the doctors
kept reassuring them that she will be okay.

The news broadcast influenced by Mr. Ibrahim against Mr. Bassey via
his daughter's rape would have brought down his reputation, but Mr.
Bassey did his publications via various media station just like he
This had made Mr. Ibrahim to get confused, the plan of his to bring
down Mr. Bassey via her daughter's rape seems not to be working.

Mr. Bassey had placed his hope on the police to help him get justice,
he had thought about hiring mercenaries to take care of Mr. Ibrahim
but he waved it off because it was not his way of doing things.

Mr. Bassey had got to know more about Frank, he learnt Frank was in
the hospital just to do a research/survey of how things worked in the
When Rose was brought in he recognised her and called Mr. Bassey straight ahead.
Mr. Bassey was very grateful for what he did.

Mr. Bassey would have returned to work the next day after they went to
the hospital to see Rose, but members of his staff advised him to
relax at home for a little while.
The twins Agbo and Akpan will resume school the next week, they both
had really missed their sister.

(At Mr. Bassey's Home)

Mr. Bassey was alone with Chika at the living room.

Chika: Darling.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Chika: I hope the police are really working on this case, we haven't
heard anything from them since you came back.
Mr. Bassey: Let's just put our trust on the police, you know this case
is very serious. The police have to be careful so that they won't make
Chika: You are right.
Mr. Bassey: As for Mr. Ibrahim he will get caught in his own trap,
after the gang have been discovered everything will be pointed to him.
Everyone will see how evil he is, and he will end up destroying
Chika: Nice words my dear, he will surely get caught in his own trap.
Mr. Bassey: How is my two sons coping with their big sis absense?
Chika: They are already feeling her absent very much, it's not like
before. They are very attached to Rose.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, they shouldn't worry. Their big sister will be up anytime soon.
Chika: Amen. Their school resumes next week, I will start their
preparations tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Okay, that's good.

Mr. Bassey received a call from an unknown number and he answered it.

Mr. Bassey: Hello, who's on the line?
Unknown Number: It's I Officer Titus. Come to the police station
straight away, the suspects have be caught.
Mr. Bassey: What? I will be there in a moment, thank you very much.

Mr. Bassey dropped his phone with a little sign of relieve.

Chika: Darling what's it?
Mr. Bassey: The police have caught the suspects.
Chika: What? This is very good. Let's hurry down to the station.

Mr. Bassey and Chika drove off to the police station, when they got
there the security was heightened than before because of the captured

Mr. Bassey and Chika walked to Officer Titus office, he wasn't around
so they had to wait for a few minutes before he came back to the

Officer Titus: I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.
Mr. Bassey: It's really nothing sir. I came with my wife (points at Chika).
Officer Titus: (to Chika) Welcome madam.
Chika: Thank you officer.
Officer Titus: Alright. Mr. Bassey we have caught the suspects, after
my boys did a little work on them they finally confessed. They are
five, their leader is one Charlie.
Mr. Bassey: Aah, I knew it must be him.
Officer Titus: That's not all, they said they were sent to do the
dirty job by Mr. Ibrahim.
Mr. Bassey: Officer they must be dealt with according to the law.
Officer Titus: Yes, they will be dealt with by the law.
Chika: So what are the names of Charlie gang members?
Officer Titus: They call themselves Baddo, Rambo, Umaga and Kala.
Chika: Aah, such stupid names.
Officer Titus: Let me take you two to where they are whether you can
recognize them, then later we will talk about the next step.
Mr. Bassey: Okay officer.

The both of them followed Officer Titus to see the gang members.


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