The Rape - Episode 9

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Mr. Bassey and his wife Chika went over to the police station after
officer Titus called them to come over.

They had arrived at the police station and had a brief discussion with
Officer Titus, Officer Titus said they should follow him to see the
suspects before they can discuss futher and so as to see if Mr. Bassey
and Chika would recognise any of the other ones.

They both followed Officer Titus and got to the jail where Charlie and
his fellow gang members were.

When Mr. Bassey got there he was so furious after seeing Charlie, he
had to maintain his cool because he was a well known man.
Chika on the other hand felt like going inside the jail and beat them
up but she looked at Mr. Bassey and the look on his face told her to
calm down.
Charlie and his gang members were just looking at the three of them
smiling at the same time.

Officer Titus: Do you recognise any of them apart from Charlie?
Mr. Bassey: No, I don't. Chika what of you?
Chika: I don't either.

Chika: ( To Charlie and his gang members) You people are still smiling
abi, don't worry very soon you will be crying.
Kala: You no reach o.
Chika: (To Kala) Eh? You will waste in this jail.
Kala: Na your daughter go waste for hospital.
Chika: (Furious) God punish you!
Mr. Bassey: You people are not even being remorseful.
Officer Titus: Crime have really eaten deep into them, the punishment
for their crime is life imprisonment.
Umaga: Na who go go life imprisonment? Your papa.
Officer Titus: You are talking to an officer of the law.
Umaga: Officer kill you, chairmo go free us soon.
Officer Titus: What? Who is this chairmo?
Charlie: Umaga ignore them.
Mr. Bassey: It must be Mr. Ibrahim.
Officer Titus: Don't worry I will make sure you people get to the court.
Chika: Officer they sound so confident.
Officer Titus: I know, but I will try my best as an officer of the law.
Chika: Thank you very much sir.
Officer Titus: Okay, we can go back to my office now.

They all went back to Officer Titus office.

Officer Titus: Forget about what you heard there about them saying
their chairmo will get them out.
Chika: Officer they were so confident when they said that, that means
their boss must be someone in a very high position.
Officer Titus: I know there are bad eggs in the police force, but as
an officer of the law I wouldn't stop fighting for justice.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you very much officer.
Officer Titus: I'm just doing my job. Let's proceed.....

Officer Titus phone rang, it was the commissioner of police (CP).

Officer Titus: Good day sir.
CP: Good day. I want you to release the five men you arrested for rape
Officer Titus: (Suprised) But sir.....
CP: It's an order.
Officer Titus: (Sad) Okay sir.

The call ended and Officer Titus was very angry.

Officer Titus: (Hits his hand on his desk) Damn it! Damn it!
Mr. Bassey: Officer, what's the matter?
Officer Titus: Can you imagine? The commisioner of police just called
me to release those rapists! Those mad dogs!
Mr. Bassey: What? You mean the commissioner himself?
Officer Titus: I'm afraid yes.
Chika: Aah...
Officer Titus: I will release them now, but I wouldn't stop my investigation.

Mr. Bassey received a text from Frank saying he should come to the
hospital immediately.

Mr. Bassey: Thank you officer, I have to rush down to the hospital
immediately. I just got a text message.
Officer Titus: Alright, I hope you daughter is okay.
Mr. Bassey: She will be.

Mr. Bassey and Chika left the police sadden with the outcome but they
hope everything was fine with Rose.

They reached the hospital and met Frank, Frank tried his best to put
on a smiling face but both parents knew it was fake.

Mr. Bassey: Take us to the doctor.
Frank: Okay sir.

Frank led to the doctor office, he stepped away to a far distance and
started crying.

Mr. Bassey and Chika exchanged greetings with the Doctor in charge.

Mr. Bassey: Doctor, so how is my daughter doing?
Doctor: Mr. Bassey..... I'm sorry, she didn't make it. She died just
an hour ago.
Mr. Bassey: (shouts) God! Why me?!
Chika: I'm dead, chi o. How will her brothers take the news?
Doctor: We did our best sir.

Mr. Bassey and Chika sat on the floor and cried out loud.


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