What Are ELDs Goverments Doing???

I believe you all know the meaning of ELDs (Educationally Less
Developed States), you have heared about them many times probably.

It is those states given special consideration during admission
processes because they are said to be educationally less developed,
this have made those who are from these states to have an upper hand
during admission processes.

For example, if you score 65% and someone from an ELDs scores 60% in
the admission exam the person has a higher chance of getting admission
than you.

Is it bad or good?

Whether it is bad or good depends on different people, those who
benefit from it will say it is good while those it cost their
admission will say it doesn't make sense.
Looking at it, there is a good reason for that special consideration for ELDs.
The reason was to bridge the gap between the highly educationally
states and the less privileged ones. This was the main reason for the
special consideration given to those states.

But my question is..... How long will a state continue to be an ELDs?

Many states have been termed ELDs for so many years, yet the state
governments are not fighting to make their states a highly educated
One thing they don't know is that remaining an ELDs for many years is
an insult to the state, but these state governments have folded their
hands doing less to make their states a highly educated one.

Let say in your community, your family is said to be one of the
weakest family and less influential. Year by year they keep looking
down on your family with that tag, what will you do?

You prove to the community that your family is not weak! You work hard
to make your family great!

Why then are states remaining ELDs for many years?

The state government are to be held responsible, if education is such
a mess in the states then the government should declare a state of
emergency on the education sector.

I am using this medium to challenge all ELDs to be among the highly
educated states.

If a state keep being among the ELDs it is a proof that the state
government is not working and the people keep voting in those who have
little or no regard for education.

I appeal to those people to make a better choice next time.

The students of ELDs should work hard too, if they make good results
nationally and internationally their states will be listed among the
highly educated states.

My fellow Nigerians education is the key, through education we can
make our country a better place for we and the future generations to

Thanks for reading!

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