Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 2)

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<< The Price Of Greediness >>

The bat was approaching the palace so all the swordmen gave their best
shots, they wounded the bat but it was recovering very fast by itself.

Swordman 1: This is bad. We just managed to put a scratch on it but
it's healing all by itself.
Swordman 2: I believe the king must have been evacuated by now.
Swordman 1: Yes, we need to buy the king more time.
Commander: Long live the king!
Swordmen: Long live the king.

The swordmen managed to caught the bat in a big net but the bat kept
on struggling to free itself.

Commander: Men let's pull it down and burn it up!
Swordmen: Yes sir!

(At The King's Palace)

The king was still inside the palace with Femi the swordman with the
highest rank in swordmanship in the kingdom.

Femi: Sir we need to get out of here, I just told you the bat is
approaching the palace.
King Chibueze: You mean the bat passed through a thousand swordmen?
They are all useless.
Femi: They tried their best sir, remember its a witch bat that we are
talking about.
King Chibueze: A bat is a bat!
Femi: Sir as the chief swordman in the kingdom my job is to ensure you
are safe, I have to make the right decisions to do that.
King Chibueze: I am the king, I give the orders so wait. I have to
wait so the guard that kept the crystal eye will be back, I will take
it with me.
Femi: The bat will follow us as long as we have the eye.
King Chibueze: Oh mahn, I'm not going anymore.
I am the king of this kingdom. I won't run because of just one little
bat. Femi go outside and join the fight.
Femi: Okay sir (he left).
King Chibueze: Idiots, I am going nowhere with my treasure.

(The Dwarfs)

The dwarfs have just arrived inside the kingdom, they looked at the
sky and saw that the bat headed for the palace but was being pulled
down with a large net. They started removing things in their way like
furnitures and blocks.

Kero: The bat really did a great damage here. We need to move these
obstacles out of our way.
Voski: Yes. We need to do that very soon. They won't be able to
restrain the bat for a long time.
Boski: Men let's give it all we got.

(Clinton And The Five Other Swordmen)

Clinton, Boyo, Temi, Aisha, Ebuka, Timo, Kanu and Clinton's mother
were all out of the kingdom. They stood at a safe distance and watched
dense smokes rising high in the sky. While they were there Clinton had
already told them that it was the crystal ball eye, and also that the
king had be warned earlier but he refuse to listen to reason.

Ebuka: So the king is so self centred that he has to sacrifice his own
people just for a treasure huh.
Timo: Who knows what is really happening inside the kingdom now.
Aisha: I just hope our parents are safe.
Temi: Yes, I just have this fear.
Clinton: What fear?
Temi: The king might accuse us in front of everyone that we are the
cause of the attack.
Boyo: We will tell everyone the truth.
Temi: I'm afraid that they will believe the king and not us.
Clinton: Yes, unless someone great speaks for us.
Kanu: I have to take you all to somewhere more safe. Follow me.

They all followed Kanu.

(Back To The Kingdom)

The bat have successfully broke free from the net that caught it, it
breath fire on the swordmen restraining it and they all ran in search
of water.

It was now heading straight to the palace.

The dwarfs were also heading to the palace too.

Voski: Run faster guys, let's get there as quick as we can.

( At The Palace)

Every attacked fired toward the bat failed so Femi and the swordmen ran inside.

King Chibueze: Why are you all inside? Go out and fight!
Femi: Sir the bat dodged all the weapons, we need to get you out of here.

Just as Femi said that the bat breath fire and the building shaked,
the fire was so great that they had not choice than to go back

They heard the bat groan.
Femi: What happened to the bat?

They all came out and saw that the bat have been killed by the dwarfs.

Voski: Nice job Kero.
Kero: Thanks boss.

Femi, his men and the king opened their mouths in shock.

Voski: Better attend to your king, he's bleeding. We are done here
(the dwarfs all jumped off happily saying we did it!).

Femi: Let's get the king to the hospital.
Swordman 1: It's not possible, the hospital has been destroyed.
Femi: What? Then get me any physician alive.
Swordman 1: Okay sir.


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