Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 3)

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<< After The Night >>

(At The Witches Place)

The witches were watching everything that was happening in the Alimadu
kingdom, they laughed and drank animal blood to their satisfaction.
They stopped watching after the giant bat was brought down by the dwarfs.

Witch Bola: It seems the dwarfs are still troublesome even after what
we did to them a long time ago.
Witch Ngozi: It's their nature to be stubborn.
Witch Haruna: Those dwarfs huh. We will get them later.
Witch Catherine: Later, later, later. When are we going to do it?
Witch Sandra: Have you forgotten that we haven't regained our powers yet?
Witch Catherine: I know, it's just that it has been a while since we
did anything.
Witch Rose: To think that the old fool Emeka didn't do anything, he
must be helpless or dead by now.
Witch Ngozi: He should be helpless but not dead. We must take him down
Witch Bola: Yes, he must go down by our hands. Someone should bring
that boy (Apha) here.

Witch Haruna went over and brought Apha's body that was still unconscious.

Witch Haruna: So what should we do with him?
Witch Bola: I think it's almost time that we make him a part of our plans.
Witch Ngozi: A part of our plans?
Witch Bola: Yes, he is not yet dead. We can make him infiltrate the
kingdom and take down his two friends.
Witch Ngozi: That sounds like a plan, but what if they find out that
he was being used? I mean everyone believes he is dead?
Witch Bola: Believe? Who cares about belief? Knowledge is greater than
believing. The people of the kingdom believes Apha is dead but don't
know that he is alive.
Witch Ngozi: I just have a little fear, you know that the six swordmen
and the dwarfs will confirm that he is dead.
Witch Bola: I know, but just a few people won't overwrite a whole kingdom.
Witch Ngozi: Well, let's put the plan to work.
Witch Bola: Alright, we will start the ritual in few hours time.
Before that we have to get the ghost herb so that the boy will be more
stronger, you know that he is already weakened.
Witch Catherine: I will get the herb, it's time we do something.
Witch Kitana: I have a question.
Witch Bola: Okay.
Witch Kitana: The ghost herb makes someone have the strenght of a
superhuman, wouldn't he try to fight us back?
Witch Bola: Well, we will brainwash him and also add some control pills.
Witch Kitana: Hmm, we just have to be careful.
Witch Bola: Just leave it to me (smiles).

( Back To Alimadu Kingdom)

Morning reached, the whole kingdom was in smokes. There were cries
everywhere, almost every family living near the front gate of the
kingdom to the palace had lost a family.

Houses far from the palace were not affected, the kingdom was in disarray.

Many half burnt and injured people were gathered together in an open
field, the medics that survived the night came over to help.

The five great hospital in the kingdom were burnt to ashes, they were
positioned near the front gate and the king's palace.
Many personnel and patients got burnt in the hospitals, only few
escape through the underground channels.
The hospital had the smell of burnt human flesh all over.

The king was being treated at the south gate of the kingdom.

The Chief medic who lived near the southern gate wasn't on duty when
the unfortunate event took place.

The king was badly injured in his stomach and also had a slight injury
on his head. He lost a lot of blood, so blood was being transfused to

The chief Medic came out of room she was treating the king.

Femi: Hello lady Bisi, how is the king?
Chief Medic: At the moment he is doing fine. He has some internal
injuries, I will have to get some of my equipment to operate on him.
Femi: Okay, be fast lady Bisi.
Chief Medic: I will, he is the king ofcourse.
Femi: Alright, thanks alot we will be waiting.

The Chief Medic left.

Femi and the General Commander sat outside of the room the king was.

Femi: I have a feeling that the people has lost confidence in the
king. A lot of them know that the king refused to let go of the
crystal eye.
GC: How fast news flies. We can't change the views of the people
concerning that, the king have to do that when he recovers.
Femi: I heard some groups are even chanting curse the king.
GC: Let's go and take care of the situation.
Femi: Okay.


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