Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 4)

If you missed the episode 3 of this season, please read it here

<< The Swordmen Meet A Legend >>

There was commotion in the whole kingdom, words have reached to almost
every indigene that survived the night.
The king was blamed for the unfortunate event because it was a result
of his stubborness.

As there were cries in every part of the kingdom, some groups marched
chanting "Curse The King!".
They were very angry beyond what could be said with words.

Some swordmen went over to block those chanting but they ran around
after they were being stoned by the protesters.
Even little kids showed their annoyance by destroying some of the
king's statues.

Femi and the GC walked to meet some of the prostesters who were also
causing damage. On their way they engaged in a discussion.

Femi: I think this is getting out of hand, I'm not sure if we can hold
them off. Remember they chased the other squads away.
GC: I think they will reason with us because of our ranks.
Femi: Well, they can't be blamed for their actions.
GC: Are you supporting disorderliness?
Femi: No, not really. But if the people are pushed beyond their limits
they can do things you wouldn't dream they would.
GC: Whatever the matter, they should remain calm.
Femi: Well, I guess you are saying this because you are not in their position.
GC: Whatever, I stand with the king.

(Back To The Swordmen)

The swordmen, Clinton mother and Kanu were just near the great
Abdulrasaq houses, they would have goten there sooner but they stopped
somewhere to rest a little while.

Temi: Wow, who would have thought a house like this would be here.
Kanu: What would you expect from the third owner of the dragon flame blade?
Temi: Third owner? You mean the third person to own that sword Clinton uses?
Kanu: Yes. The sword is only passed down from master to student or
father to son. If tehre is no worthy heir to the sword, the sword
remains hidden till it finds a heir.
Timo: So that means who ever gave Clinton that sword lives here?
Kanu: Exactly.
Ebuka: So that's what Clinton have been hiding from us all this time.
Boyo: And that means he have been here before and he kept it a secret.
Aisha: I wonder why he didn't want to tell us.
Temi: I'm sure he has his reason.
Clinton: Sure, I do have a very good reason.

They reached the compound and the great Abdulrasaq came out, he hugged
Nnnena and Clinton.

Abdulrasaq: Welcome my beautiful wife and son.

The swordmen looked at each other when the great Abdulrasaq called
Clinton his son.

Temi: (Whispering) Boyo do you know who this man is?
Boyo: No idea.
Ebuka: Well, it's good to know Clinton's father is alive.
Temi: I thought the third owner was the great Abdulrasaq.

Abdulrasaq: (coughs) Clinton so these are your friends.
Clinton: Yes father, (pointing at them) this is Temi, Aisha, Boyo,
Timo and Ebuka.
Abdulrasaq: Good, since I know all your names I guess you all should know mine.
Temi: Yes sir.
Abdulrasaq: I am Abdulrasaq.
Boyo: Really? The one....
Abdulrasaq: Yes.

The swordmen were suprised, before them was the great Abdulrasaq.

Temi: It's a pleasure to meet you sir.
Boyo: I never expected to meet you.
Ebuka: Oh....
Abdulrasaq: It's okay, you all should come in.
All: Yes sir.

(Back At The Kingdom)

Femi and the General Commander finally caught up with one of the
groups protesting.

Femi: Hello, you all should calm down.
Man 1: Calm down? We can't calm down in this situation. Curse the
king! (The crowd also echoed him).
GC: If you say curse the king again, I will use force on you people.
Man 2: We will fight back, we don't mind if you are an officer. This
is beyond you.
GC: Shut up weaklings.
Femi: (To the GC) Calm down, we are suppose to make them remain calm
and not agitate them.
GC: I don't care.
Man 1: Well if you don't care we have no choice, we will attack.
Femi: Wait.
GC: Men, draw out your swords.
Man 1: Fight.

The protesters stoned the swordmen who took to their heels because
they were only few, the GC was wounded so Femi carried him and ran
The protesters successfully chased them away.

Man 1: Curse you officer! This kingdom belongs to the people and not
just a few persons.

( At The Witches Place )

Witch Bola: By now I think there will be commotion in the kingdom, in
a worse scenario another kingdom might attack them now.
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, they better get attacked. If they get attacked we
can send Apha to help them, he will gain their trust that he is real
by doing just that. And in the end he will carry out his original plan
to finish off his two comrades.
Witch Bola: Perfect idea sister, I just know what to do. Hahahaha.


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