The Rape - Episode 10

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<< Pain >>

Rose parents felt so sad when the Doctor announced that she was dead,
they have lost a golden child.

Mr. Bassey and Chika sat down crying on the floor like babies, it was
very unfortunate.
Mr. Bassey had better plans for Rose, if only she had listened earlier
when he warned her about Charlie.
If only she didn't go to the cinema that night she would have still
been with her family.
There was no if now, what have happened have happened.

The two grown adults cried that other doctors and nurses came over,
they tried consoling them but what a pain it was for them.

Frank also came along to console them, he too was crying. Rose was one
of his closest friend while in school.

When the doctor told him about Rose death earlier he felt as if he was
a shattered glass.
He was shaking but at that time he managed to send a message to Mr.
Bassey. When Mr. Bassey and Chika arrived at the hospital he
maintained his cool till they entered the Doctor's office.

Frank balance at the wall and watched as Rose parents cried and he
said "this world is just a temporary place and no one knows when he or
she will go." He shaked his head again.

The doctors allowed the two parents to calm down.

After an hour the Doctor in charge said they should follow him to see
Rose body before it will be sent to the mortuary.
Rose parents follow him, both of them looking so lost, Frank also went
with them.

They entered the room she was, the Doctor uncovered her face.
Even in death Rose was still beautiful and her face was as angelic as always.
Frank shaked and broke into tears.

Chika and Mr. Bassey cried quietly.

Chika: Rose! Those who killed you shall know no peace. Whatever they
put hands in won't work for them. They shall feel the same pain you
felt even in their death.
God will avenge your death. Aah! My daughter you have been taken away
from me and your family so soon. I wonder how your brothers will feel
when they hear this. My daughter I will not sleep until those who did
this to you are brought to justice.
God! Why? Why?? I say why???

Mr. Bassey tapped her and she hugged him crying so deep.
Mr. Bassey didn't have anything to say, he just shaked his head and
made for the door.

Doctor: Mr. Bassey I understand that you are not in the mood for any
talk, so relax a little, go home and come back tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you doctor.

Mr. Bassey and Chika felt so down, they didn't have the strength to
walk steadily yet alone driving.
Frank sat with them on the hallway, they were all deep in their
thoughts. All reminiscing the time they had with Rose, the world is
just vanity they said in their mind.
No matter how powerful, rich, poor, good or bad you are everyone will
face death. At a particular time someone will stop existing and be one
with mother nature.

Some nurses passed the hallway with Rose's body, they were heading to
the mortuary.
So this is how my daughter ends? So this is real life, said Mr. Bassey.

After some time they both made to go but Frank offered to drive them
home since they won't be able to drive.

Frank drove them to their residence, he guided them as they walked
into their livingroom. He handed over the car key to Mr. Bassey, he
greeted them and boarded a taxi back to the hospital.

Mr. Bassey and Chika sat in the livingroom both looking up at the
ceiling, they didn't know what to do or say.

The twins Akpan and Agbo came to the livingroom and were suprised
seeing their parents in that state.

Akpan: (To Agbo) I think something is wrong.
Agbo: I hope it's not sister o.
Akpan: No, it can't be sister. It must be something else.
Agbo: Well, we won't know unless we ask.
Akpan: Okay.

The twins walked closer to their parents.

Akpan: Mummy what is the matter (Chika remained silent)? Daddy did
anything bad happen?
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Agbo: What's it?
Mr. Bassey: It's your sister. She's dead.

The twins opened their mouths in shock, they started crying uncontrollably.
They rolled on the floor.

Mr. Bassey as the head of the family stood up to console the twins, he
took them to their room and told them everything is going to be


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