7 RULES TO A SUCCESSFUL LIFE..(by erudite bolaji)


Wisdom they say is knowledge but knowledge can never be wisdom, here you'll know your wrongs and follow the right step which lead to success, there are many more keys but i write just as i have observed so read and work according to what you've read and your life will become a home of joy.

everyone in this life has a dream called "better tommorow", everyone wish to live a better life but the question is WHAT ARE YOUR EFFORTS TOWARDS ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS??.
40% of lives on earth have not discovered there talents thereby making it difficult to achieve there dreams, another 40% have discovered there talent but are not making any neccesary effort towards achieving there goals, this are the major causes of poverty which eventually lead many to robbery and different sort of illegal practice.
Going through my research I discovered that those who live uncomfortably due to financial status are far more greater in number than those who are comfortable financially (which means the poor are greater in number than the rich), in the street today you'll see different type of survival for life many call it hustling eg barrow pushers, hawkers, shoe menders e.t.c this are the lowest form of trading and many people call shoe mending a dirty job it is never anyone's desire to be poor but it is because of an unfocused dream, your determination in life should never be overwhelmed by mare cataclysm or bad criteria, always stay focused on your dream and do not let you're peer group withhold you from you're future plans remember, "the way you dress you're bed so you shall lie on it always focus on your dream.

all over the world million's of people struggle to survive others end up marrying without an achieved dream because they couldn't make a straight decision even many who make decision today find it hard to walk according to there decision because they couldn't stay focused on there dream, take a right step never you rush life, decide for yourself because you alone knows what is best for you, becareful never to end up with that thing called 'stories that touch' the best advicer you have after God is yourself so advice yourself and after that check the next rule>>>

it is not just by making decision and sit down comfortably with your hands folded waiting for an impossible magic to happen, magic can never work without you saying the magic words, and change can never occur unless you are determined to make a change you must take risk to get what you want (but not by doing illegal stuffs) walk according to your decision although many challenges might make you to loose focus but always remember to focus on your dream if there are 99 things that makes it impossible there will surely be 1 thing that makes it possible believe in that 1.

The dove is gentle while the serpent is wise, be as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent.
In this time of your voyage of discovery you shall be tempted to faith but always abide on the adage that says "there are only two words that a success seeeker uses to address the public SILENCE and SMILE"
know when to be silent and always smile to hide your impression so you don't get misjudged, know when to join an interaction also when interacting in public always say less but listen more, a foolish man would want to make a say in every topic that arises.
Silence doesn't make you a novice but rather it makes you an expert..

See yourself as a wealthy man even if you are poor, if someone begs you for something and you have two then give one to him/her, and if you have only one then either you share or you give that one out do not abuse whosever that begs from you this way your generosity will reward you itself because the more you give out the more you get but as you give trust no one, tell no one your plans for yourself keep your future secrets to yourself unless it is something worth sharing..

try to learn what you do not know from those that knows it, grab as many knowledge as possible from them but do not reveal everything you know to other's, for the stubborn one's who refuse to share secrets of either there success or failure then use a cunning method to make them say it out, you know what i mean it is what you do almost everyday all you need is new ideas so you'll know how to tackle every difficulties that comes your way..

With the things that you know, many people who do not know it will come to you  for help and greedy but wise one's will also come but this time to learn what you know it is not bad to teach them but always ask for something in exchange for your knowledge so they will know the value of what you know and even if they pay the price do not reveal everything to them as a teacher your student must not be like you but more than you but they must find a way to be more than you as for you make them close to you but not standing in thesame line with you what i mean is that 'do not make them know everything that you know so that they won't rub shoulders with you whoever wants to know more must make his or her own findings this makes you master over them....

I hope this little fact helps you, for those that wish to learn more the things you seek are all around you hovering in your corner just a step to grab it but that little step takes determination, unless you are determined to succeed you can never obtain success 

Was the little hint helpful, please write to us to enable us serve you better thank you!!!

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