Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 6)

If you missed the episode 5 of this season, please read it here


<< The Quest For A New King >>

After the death of the king was made known to Femi and the G.C the
Kingdom Council members who survived the night were related to.
They immediately called a council meeting with the Chief Medic, Femi,
the G.C and the ward present in attendance.

The meeting was presided by the most high ranking council member alive, Matthew.

Matthew: I have called this meeting now because the situation is an
emergency. With no king to rule our kingdom can be an easy prey to the
neighbouring kingdoms as we haven't only lost our king but thousands
of our swordmen.
We must take an immediate stand. Any good suggestion might be considered.
Akpan: (He is a member of the council) I suggest the council should be
in charge until we select a new king.
Femi: Yes, Lord Akpan is right. The council should be in charge while
we shall send for the three children of the kings, Abiola, Chika and
Matthew: Good, I believe they are in the kingdom of Oduduwa.
Femi: Yes, they seem to like the kingdom so much but we shall try our
best to bring them home.
Matthew: Now, select some swordmen and seek the three heirs of the
throne. Be careful on how you relate the news to them.
G.C: My lord, shall I carry out this task? I want to because I like
the deceased king, he is like a father to me so I think it is my
responsibility to guide his children.
Mathew: Hmm, I hereby appoint you to lead the party and bring the
three heirs of the kingdom home.
G.C: Yes my lord.
Matthew: Femi we place the kingdom military in your hands now.
Femi: Yes my lord.
Matthew: Finally, for the time being this is just between everyone in
this room.

The meeting closed.

(At Abdulrasaq's Home)
After Abdulrasaq had felt that the king was dead and was about going
in to meet the swordmen Kanu called.

Kanu: Sir, did you sense the bad news?
Abdulrasaq: Yes I did.
Kanu: Hmm, we are running out of time.
Nnenna: Is it someone of great importance?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, Let's go inside and meet the children, we don't want
to spoil their mood.
Nnenna: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu, go to the kingdom and see how things are going.
Kanu: Yes sir.

(At Emeka's House)

The great wizard had sensed the king's death.

Emeka: So the king is dead, even if the heirs comes back it will take
a while before they will do anything to get the kingdom ready for any
I must do what I have to do, I will be heading to Abdulrasaq's place tomorrow.

(At Abdulrasaq's Home)
Abdulrasaq and Nnenna joined the six swordmen.

Nnenna: I hope you all enjoyed your food?
Temi: Sure, it was delicious.
Nnenna: That's good to hear.
Abdulrasaq: (Coughs) You all have to eat well so that you can fight
what is ahead.
Timo: Fight what is ahead?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, you all have to become stronger in other to stand a
chance against the witches force.
Timo: Become stronger? That sounds nice but the witches are so powerful.
Abdulrasaq: I know, but if you train harder you will get stronger and powerful.
Temi: The kingdom is in disarray, where are we going to train?
Abdulrasaq: I can train you all here.
Temi: Really?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, we can start tomorrow.
Ebuka: Hahaha, I will get stronger and become the strongest swordman
in the whole kingdom and hold the same position as Femi.
Timo: That will only happen if you stop eating too much.
Ebuka: Hah, see who's talking.
Clinton: By the way dad, I had a sensation that someone great just died.
Abdulrasaq: (Suprised) Really?
Clinton: Yea.
Abdulrasaq: Kanu will check it out.
Ebuka: Someone great? It must be the king.
Aisha: Idiot, keep your mouth shut.
Abdulrasaq: Enjoy yourselves (he left).

(At Witches Palace)

The witches also sensed that the king had died since they got little
of their powers back.

Witch Bola: Sisters did you all sense it?
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, yes. At least one kingdom is out of the way.
Witch Kitana: What a pity, we should have dealt with him ourselves.
Witch Catherine: Hahahahahahahahaha, very good. Very good. Atleast we
won't have to waste our time on that weakling.
Witch Bola: Ngozi, Kitana, Sandra, Catherine, Rose and Haruna in one
week time in the human world we will regain our full powers and give
the first strike.
Witch Kitana: Yes, enjoyment on the way.
Witch Catherine: I can't wait any longer, let the day come sooner.
Witch Ngozi: What if they have a new king before then?
Witch Bola: We will crush the new king!! So sisters, let's get ready
for war as we will awaken our lost sisters. Hahahaha.

They all laughed.

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