Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 7)

If you missed the episode 6 of this season, please read it here


<< The Evil Plan >>

The General Commander of Alimadu kingdom swordmen selected twenty
among the the surviving swordmen as they headed for the kingdom of
Oduduwa to bring the three heirs of the kingdom's throne back.
The all said their oath to protect the kingdom as they left for their journey.

Christopher (the six swordmen mentor) was walking in one of the
gardens in the kingdom when he heard some noises. He quietly went
nearer to where the noise was coming from.

He saw Okoro (one of the surviving council member) as he was talking
to a group of 7 men Christopher had never seen before.

Elder Okoro: The General Commander has left for the kingdom of Oduduwa
with just twenty swordmen. We should be expecting them back in 7 days.
You have to ambush them on the 6th day, by then they must have reached
the Ali shrine. Just target the three heirs and move out.
Pharoah: (Pharoah was the head of the 7 assasins) The job will be done
sir and your son Chima will have the throne of the kingdom, and from
there you can rule the kingdom in your own way.
Okoro: That is assuring, I will be expecting the goodnews, prepare
yourselves for the day. The death of those three is the beginning of
my kingdom.
Pharoah: We will be on our way now.
Okoro: Okay.

Elder Okoro and the assasins left as Christopher opened his mouth in shock.

He couldn't believe that elder Okoro could ever have that evil intent
as he was the gentleman among everyone in the council (so he

There was no one he would say this to that will believe him.

Christopher: I will have to do this myself.

Christopher went off searching for where he could see the six swordmen
so they could team up and bring down the evil plan.

Elder Okoro knew that if the three heirs were gone the council would
have no choice than to recommend his son.

( At Elder Okoro's Home )

Elder Okoro lived at the southern part of the kingdom and so he wasn't
in anyway affected by what happened that dreadful night.

Elder Okoro: Chima.
Chima: (Came out to meet his father) I'm here father.
Elder Okoro: All the plans about you being the next king has been set,
in 6 days time we shall be victorious.
Chima: That's my father, but you know. You will be the one ruling the
kingdom through me.
Elder Okoro: Yes, I know but without you the plan will never be successful.
Chima: 6 days from today you say, I shall wait here as the news of
victory sweeten my ears.
Elder Okoro: That's my son.

( The 2nd Day Of The Travel )

Christopher had searched everywhere in the kingdom for the six
swordmen but they were not in the kingdom, he decided to take a piece
of Ebuka's cloth and gave it to his dog Jumbo in order to sniff out
where the swordmen could be.

( In The Kingdom Of Oduduwa)

Abiola, Ike and Chika were both enjoying themselves in a beach in the
capital of the kingdom.

Abiola was 27, Ike 23 and Chika 19. The three of them loved the
kingdom of Oduduwa more than theirs. They had been in the kingdom for
the past four years and were treated by the king of the kingdom Amosun
as royal guests.

Chika: We heard what happened to our kingdom few days ago, do you
think our old man is okay?
Abiola: Don't worry about the old man, he must be relaxing under a
tree just now.
Ike: Or maybe having a massage from hot girls.
Chika: Hmm, I just wish he is okay.
Abiola: If you are so worried about him why don't you go over to the
kingdom. And from what I heared he brought the destruction of the
kingdom because of his own greed.
Ike: I never knew our old man was that bad, he sacrificed his kingdom
just for the sake of a single treasure. So bad.
Abiola: And beside, who wants to go to a kingdom in ruins?
Ike: No one.
Chika: You two should just shut up. I wonder why the kingdom of
Oduduwa didn't send relieve materials to our kingdom.
Abiola: It's simple, no kingdom wants to anger the witches. Also, our
old man behaviour of sacrificing his kingdom just because of a single
treasure is a disgrace to the other kings.
Chika: I see, let's hope for the best. I will be going over there next
month, by that time things would have gotten back to normal.
Abiola: Okay, greet the old man for us when you go because I wouldn't
be there to bid you farewell when you would be leaving.
Chika: Who needs your farewell? The kingdom must have changed by now.
Ike: Keep dreaming, I know it is just the same old kingdom.

Christopher continued his search as his dog Jumbo led him to the forest.


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