Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 8)

If you missed the episode 7 of this season, please read it here


<< The Great Wizard Appears >>

Christopher continued his search with his dog Jumbo on the 2nd day
since the G.C and the twenty swordmen left for the kingdom of Oduduwa.
He had to find Clinton and the others so they could help stop the evil
plan of Elder Okoro and his son Chima.

( At Abdulrasaq's Home )

The six swordmen were all ready for the day training as being promised
by the great Abdulrasaq.

Ebuka: I'm going to get stronger and be great as Clinton's father and
the chief swordman.
Timo: Come on Ebuka, you have to stop dreaming. It's daytime already.
Ebuka: You are calling that just a dream? Just you watch I will prove
myself to everyone in the entire kingdom.
Timo: (Laughs) Yes, you will prove to them in an eating contest.
Ebuka: Huh, don't worry. Just you wait.
Clinton: I believe in Ebuka, with hardwork he can make his dream
become a reality. As a friend you should also give him support so he
will be able to achieve that.
Timo: Yea, I know. I was just joking you know.
Boyo: That's good to hear.
Temi: I myself also want to be the strongest woman in the entire kingdom.
Aisha: You go yourself a challenger which is me.
Clinton: Hmm, titles and achievements. I just want the world to be at peace.
Boyo: Me too. That's no need for me to get worried over mere titles.
Temi: Well, the two of you are kind of alike.
Clinton: You can say so, Temi.

The great Abdulrasaq came out with Nnenna and Kanu.

Kanu had come back from the kingdom and had briefed Abdulrasaq about
everything he observed.

Abdulrasaq: Good morning swordmen.
All: Morning sir.
Abdulrasaq: I can see that you all are ready for training.
Ebuka: Yes, sure we are ready.
Abdulrasaq: The first thing you all have to do is to draw out your
true sword powers.
Ebuka: True sword powers?
Abdulrasaq: Yes. Only few people over many centuries have been able to
do that. Sometime the powers just come to you.
Boyo: Can you please explain, sir?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, for example my son true sword powers are that of a dragon!
Ebuka: Wow! I wonder what mine will be.
Timo: Maybe a tortise.

Everyone laughed as Timo said that.

Abdulrasaq: You all have to sit down like the monks of ancient Asia
and meditate, think only about your sword. Meditate and send all your
thoughts to your sword. Let me show you.

Mr. Abdulrasaq sat like a monk and meditated for a while and then a
dragon appeared and the others were amazed.

Ebuka: This is really amazing.
Timo: Mine should better be something great and wonderful.

Abdulrasaq stood up and made the dragon to disappear.

Abdulrasaq: Now you all will have to do the same thing and your real
powers will appear, though you wouldn't be able to master them
immediately. It will take you all time and steady meditation.
Boyo: Hmm, that's good. Atleast now we will stand a chance against
those evil witches.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, that's right.

Immediately there was lightening in the sky and the great wizard Emeka

The swordmen were all afraid.

Abdulrasaq: Welcome my dear friend.
Emeka: Thank you, it seems you all are in the middle of a talk.
Abdulrasaq: Actually, I wanted them to meditate and draw out their true powers.
Emeka: I see, maybe I can help out but it's going to take a while for
them to fully master their true powers.

Ebuka: Who's this guy?
Abdulrasaq: Oh, he is Emeka the great wizard. He is the major key
player to our victory at the war twenty one years ago.
Ebuka: Wow, it's nice to meet you sir.
Emeka: Just what I wanted, we have to get ready and strike the first
offensive blow against the witches.
Ebuka: Yes.


Meanwhile back at the kingdom of Alimadu the chief swordman Femi was
doing a good work, he was bringing the people back to order.

Femi: Very soon the kingdom will be great again.

Elder Okoro met Femi.

Okoro: Hello Chief.
Femi: My lord.
Okoro: You are doing a very nice job, the people of the kingdom have
started rebuilding their homes. You are worthy to be a king, don't you
think so.
Femi: Maybe in the next world, because right here in this world my
duty is to serve the kingdom and it's people.
Okoro: Well, very soon a new breeze will blow in this kingdom.
Femi: What do you mean sir?
Okoro: Don't worry, you will find out soon.

Elder Okoro left and Femi wondered what he meant by a new breeze will
blow the kingdom.

Meanwhile Christopher and his dog Jumbo came across Abdulrasaq's house
in the forest and his dog ran toward there.

Christopher: This must be it.

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