Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 9)

If you missed the episode 8 of this season, please read it here


<< The Shocking News >>

Christopher and his dog Jumbo found Abdulrasaq's house in the middle
of the forest so he guessed that Clinton and the others were there.

Christopher: Hmm, who could have built this here? Have my students
been keeping this secret from me all this time? Well I have to go
inside and find out

Meanwhile the great wizard Emeka and Abdulrasaq was about to start
training the swordsmen.

Temi: I have a question sir Abdulrasaq.
Abdulrasaq: Okay, ask your question.
Temi: The dragon flame blade belonged to you before and you have now
passed it down to Clinton. How are you still able to summon a dragon?
Abdulrasaq: The dragon flame blade only chooses those who their true
powers are that of a dragon. So naturally my true powers were that of
a dragon before the blade choosed. Only if someone who has the power
of a dragon and a strong will to control it, then will he be choosen
by the dragon flame blade to wield it.
Temi: I understand now. Thank you sir.
Abdulrasaq: Okay.
Ebuka: I can't just wait to see what my true powers are.
Abdulrasaq: That's why you need to train.
Ebuka: Yes, I got that sir.
Emeka: Someone is here.
Abdulrasaq: I see.
Clinton: Who's it?
Abdulrasaq: Your teacher.

They all turned back and saw Christopher.

Christopher was suprised at the new faces he saw. He said to himself
"they must be the owner of this mansion".

Christopher: Hi.
Clinton: Hello sir.
Abdulrasaq: Welcome young man.
Christopher: Thank you sir. I just....
Abdulrasaq: I know, you were looking for your students. May I ask what
could have made you look for your students all the way down here?
Christopher: There's a badnews.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, can we hear it?
Christopher: Firstly I don't know if I can say it with a few strange
faces with me. What I mean is that....
Abdulrasaq: You don't know whether the strange faces here are for the
good or bad.
Christopher: Exactly sir.
Clinton: You don't have to worry sir. He's my father.
Christopher: Your father? Your father is alive?
Clinton: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Why don't our guest relax for a while before he delivers
his message. Nnenna give him something to chill with.
Nnenna: Yes my king.

Nnenna went inside the house to bring a drink for Christopher while
the rest of the swordsmen waited with their teacher.

(The G.C And The Twenty Swordsmen)

It was the second day since the G.C and the twenty swordsmen left for
the kingdom of Oduduwa. They have passed a few towns and little
villages, they had also fought with some bandits on their way without
suffering any casualty.

G.C: Men I have something to say. In every kingdom not everyone is
satisfied with how a king rules, they will always wait for any little
opportunity to take actions that will make the kingdom suffer.
Swordsman1: We know that sir, but we don't get what you are trying to say.
G.C: All I'm trying to say is that there may be some forces in this
kingdom who don't want us to succeed in our mission.
Swordsman1: Who do you think is capable of that?
G.C: I don't know, but we all must be at alert. We shall succeed in
this mission. I believe that they we attack when we are coming back
with the three heirs to the throne. So swordsmen of Alimadu kingdom we
shall stand together and eliminate every enemy of our kingdom.
All: Yes sir!

Their morale was raised as the G.C and the twenty swordmen were ever
ready to defend the kingdom whenever.

(At Abdulrasaq's Home)

Christopher had relaxed for quite a little time.

Abdulrasaq: Well the you can tell us the badnews now, we are ready to hear it.
Christopher: The three heirs of the throne lives are in danger.
Clinton: What?
Christopher: Some assasins will be targeting them when they will be
coming back with the G.C and his team on the 6th day of their journey
at the Ali shrine.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, that's bad. Do you know who's behind this?
Christopher: It's Elder Okoro.
Abdulrasaq: That old fellow.
Kanu: That explains the strange faces I saw I at his home.
Ebuka: We have to do something.
Abdulrasaq: So Christopher, you want to join forces with your students?
Christopher: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Since this is the 2nd day of their journey why don't we
all train together today, the 3rd and the 4th day.
Christopher: Yes sir... I appreciate....
Abdulrasaq: Well as you are now involved in the training I have to
introduce myself. I am Abdulrasaq........


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