Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 10)

If you missed the episode 9 of this season, please read it here


<< Christopher And His Hero >>

Meanwhile in Alimadu kingdom even though Femi have managed to calm the
people down and discouraged them from protesting, they were still
suspicious of why the king hadn't spoken since the night's incident.

Person 1: I wonder why the king hadn't said anything since that night.
Person 2: It must be because he haven't recovered yet from the shock.
Person 3: Maybe he was also affected that night.
Person 1: Hmm, maybe. He should have atleast spoken by now.
Person 2: Are you saying something bad must have happened.
Person 1: Yes, even the chief swordsman of the kingdom haven't said
anything concerning the king.
Person 2: Hmm.
Person 3: Well we should all hope for the best, our kingdom needs a
king in this bad moment.
Person 1: Yes, it's best for us to wait.

(At Abdulrasaq's Home )

Christopher was suprised when he heared that the person standing
before him was the great Abdulrasaq, he have read about him alot and
the big role he played in ending the great war against the witches. He
didn't even thought that the great Abdulrasaq was still alive.
Christopher have always hoped to be like the great Abdulrasaq.
And here was he standing before his hero.

Abdulrasaq: Is anything the problem?
Christopher: Are you really the great Abdulrasaq?
Ebuka: Yes, he is.
Christopher: I'm very glad to meet you sir, I have read many books
about you and I never thought there would be a day the both of us
would cross paths.
Temi: Sir you must be a fan.
Abdulrasaq: You never dreamt we would cross paths, huh? Well here you
are and fate has brought us together.
Christopher: Yes sir.
Kanu: I am Kanu, his right hand man.
Christopher: Nice to meet you.
Emeka: And I am Emeka the great wizard.
Christopher: You too? Fate has shined it's bright light in my life.
Boyo: Sir, you are acting like a teen.
Christopher: Really? This is how one feels when he meets his heroes.
Boyo: Hmm, I got that.

Abdulrasaq: Well Chris the first step of this training is drawing out
the true powers of your sword.
Christopher: The true power of my sword?
Abdulrasaq: Actually it is your true power but you have a bond with
your sword, every swordsman have a bond with their swords. That's why
the law of the swordsmen said that a sword is irreplaceable, if any
swordsman misplace his sword he shall be stripped of his position and
will never be a swordsman until he finds his sword again.
Christopher: Okay, I get it now. Just like partners.
Abdulrasaq: Good, I will tell you all about the history of the swords
we all carry, how they were made. That will be later, for now let's
concentrate on this training so that the three heirs of the throne can
be saved.
Ebuka: If we save them our names shall be written as heroes! Bring it on!
Abdulrasaq: Okay, here we go!

( At The Witches Palace )

The witches were playing cards games.

Witch Ngozi: I always win.
Witch Haruna: You were just lucky those times.
Witch Ngozi: Lucky or not, I won the game.
Witch Bola: You all seem to be in a good mood today.
Witch Catherine: Yes, that's because very soon we will be free from this place.
Witch Bola: Well, I was expecting that.
Witch Ngozi: So have you sensed anything new.
Witch Bola: Not really, it seems someone high in the ranks has an evil
intention in the kingdom of Alimadu.
Witch Ngozi: Hmm, who ever that is this must be his perfect time.
Witch Bola: Yes. Hmm.
Witch Ngozi: Is anything the problem?
Witch Bola: No. I'm just thinking maybe that cursed tribe will come
out of the dark this time.
Witch Ngozi: Oh! You mean the cursed tribe that were the heroes of the
war in the dark?
Witch Bola: Yes, how shameful it is for Adulrasaq to even take the
glory of the cursed tribe.
Witch Kitana: Well, they helped Abdulrasaq because he is one of them.
Witch Bola: Yes, Abdulrasaq has alot to tell his son.
Witch Kitana: Hmm, many people lives in this world with many secrets
they don't want anyone to know.
Witch Bola: Yes, what baffles me is that even the king of Alimadu
kingdom then and the one after him didn't know where Abdulrasaq origin
Witch Catherine: It's seems somethings are better not told.
Witch Bola: His son Clinton is also from the cursed tribe but has
never been to his real home, I wonder how the poor child will feel
when he learns the truth.
Witch Ngozi: Hahahahahaha.
Witch Bola: For now let's see how things will go at the kingdom.


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