Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 11)

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Christopher joined the rest of the swordsmen in the training to awaken
their true powers.

Ebuka: As our teacher sir, I think your powers will be greater than ours.
Christopher: Hmm, well sure. You need to know something, a teacher
wishes for his student to be greater. For now I think mine will be
Clinton: Hmm.
Christopher: Is there anything Clinton?
Clinton: Hmm, not really. I was just thinking, since you are so good
with dogs your powers might be that of a dog.
Christopher: (Laughs) And what powers do you think a dog has?
Clinton: Well, I think stamina, tracking down enemies with their scent
and tearing down enemies with no mercy.
Christopher: Other animals can do that you know.
Ebuka: I think maybe Clinton is missing something.
Christopher: And what do you think he is missing?
Ebuka: I don't know how this will sound.
Christopher: Come on, just say it.
Ebuka: Well, the thing is that dogs eat faeces....
Christopher: Do you mean your teacher will be eating faeces too?
Ebuka: No, not really.
Boyo: We better get started with the training.
Clinton: Yes.
Emeka: Alright, let's begin.

(The Cursed Tribe Kingdom)

The kingdom is beautiful with all the glory of nature but there was a
barrier which separated them from the rest of the world kingdoms. In
the next episode I will talk about the Cursed Tribe.

The four best teen warriors of the Cursed Tribe, Boss, Moon, Dokubo
and Nkiruka were at the top of a mountain in the kingdom. Boss and
Dokubo are males while Moon and Nkiruka are females.

Boss: Dokubo.
Dokubo: Yea.
Boss: What do you think about Lord Abdulrasaq's son?
Dokubo: Nothing really, he's still weak.
Nkiruka: You two are at it again talking about how weak someone is.
Boss: It's none of your business big boobs!
Nkiruka: What does my boobs have to do with this?
Boss: Just keep your mouth shut when I'm talking to the big guy.
Dokubo: Boss, you like playing with this girls.
Nkiruka: He's a man ofcourse, he needs to admire gorgeous women with
great assets like me.
Dokubo: I don't care about that, I only care about my duty as a warrior.
Moon: Nkirukaa...
Nkiruka: What's moon?
Moon: It has just been three days since you and Dokubo were tagged
together, it seems you two are not really getting along.
Nkiruka: Do you blame me?
Boss: You talk too much and Dokubo is just a cool guy.
Moon: Boss, you might be my tag mate but you don't have to interfere
when two hot girls are talking.
Boss: Nkiruka interfered when two big girls were talking, and did you
just say hot (looks at Moon's boobs which were just average compared
to Nkiruka's)?
Moon: Yes, and why are you looking at my boobs?
Nkiruka: Hmm, he's just a naughty boy.
Boss: And you two are spoilt brats.
Dokubo: You are all disturbing the peace of nature with your boobs
talk. Real warriors thinks about how to overcome their next challenge
and remember the war will soon start.
Nkiruka: I know that, I don't need you to lecture me.
Boss: All the big guy is saying is that your boobs wouldn't help us win the war.
Nkiruka: Idiot!
Dokubo: I'm out of here, I must train so that Lord Abdulrasaq's son
wouldn't be greater than me. My name shall be written as the saviour
of mankind, and generations unborn will hold my name holy. (He left).
Moon: Nkiruka, how are you going to get along with him?
Nkiruka: I will try my best.
Boss: Well, I can't stay here and listen to you ladies talk nonsense.
I have to train with the big guy (He ran).
Moon: Who needs a pervert around her?
Nkiruka: He's a pervert? What a boy?
Moon: Yes, since we all graduated as the best teen warriors and lived
together for the past three days Boss have been watching you when you
have your bath.
Nkiruka: What? And you didn't tell me? You are a lady too.
Moon: Yes, I'm a lady but we made a deal.
Nkiruka: Damn you! So what's the crazy deal?
Moon: He promised to tell Dokubo how I feel about him.
Nkiruka: What? So you have feelings for that guy who care about
nothing but the way of a warrior.
Moon: You are so blind, Boss has something for you. He wished you were
both tagged together.
Nkiruka: I'm out of here!
Moon: Hmm, you will both get used to each other.
Nkiruka: Never! (She left).

Moon: What a girl, I wish my Dokubo will take a look at me when I have my bath.


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