Comedy: Stupid Boy

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Anayo who is Clinton's father who having a discussion with Mr. Okoli.
Mr. Anayo wanted to use his phone so he called Clinton.

Anayo: Clinton, Clinton.
Clinton: (Rushes outside) Yes Papa.
Anayo: Get me my phone in the room.
Clinton: Yes Papa.

Clinton went inside his father room and carried his medium size foam outside.
Mr. Anayo was suprised with what he saw.

Anayo: (Mouth open) Chei, Mr. Okoli. Look at this stupid boy o.
Okoli: He's your son na.
Anayo: What does that mean?
Clinton: Papa this is the foam.
Anayo: Stupid boy, did you hear phone or foam?
Clinton: You said I should bring your foam.
Anayo: Your father must be a fool.
Clinton: (laughs).
Anayo: Why are you laughing?
Clinton: You are my father.....
Okoli: Hahaha.

Mr. Anayo murmured something and went inside.

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