Difference Between Real Life And Movies

Movies and real life are quite two different things, a web said that
movies are short while life is too short.

Many people tend to focus all their thoughts on movies rather than
real life, they are just swimming in their imaginations.

Movies are just fiction written from one's imagination on how things
are suppose to be rather than how things are.

Movies present to you ideal things which are never possible in real
life, learning from real life will make you pass through your life

The difference between both can be said to just be like the difference
between ideal gases and real gases.

When one put too thought on what happens in a movie it will affect
their well being as they won't have the time to face their real life.

The truth is that movies present to people what they wish to be real,
things like ideal relationships, ideal weddings, ideal family e.t.c.
This is how movies takes the attention of people off from real life.

Real life guides you to the reality you have to face, it guides you
through your path in life.

Many people have attempted to copy things from movies to real life but
it ends in total failure.

You might hear a girl say "I'm going to break up with my boyfriend
because he don't treat me the way Mr. treats Mrs in that movie". If
she breaks up with her boyfriend because of the above reason she will
end up not finding that Mr.

The truth is that nobody or something is perfect in real life but
movies present perfection. And as people like perfection they tend to
emulate movies but find out the big difference between movies and real
life later.

Note this, live in reality and not in fantasy if you want to survive
in the real world.

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