Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 1

This Story Is Written Mostly In The Nigerian Pidgin And It Is A Comedy Story.

This story centres on three close friends from the East, West and
North of Nigeria, Anayo, Tunde and Musa.
They all travelled to the city together to find a means to survive,
they did various jobs and faced many challenges as the story
The name "Gentlemen On The Highway" was because their first few
operations were carried out on the highway.


<< The Three Gentlemen >>

Anayo, Tunda and Musa were sitting under a mango tree in a village in
Akwa Ibom State.

Anayo: Guy eh, I get one idea.
Musa: Which idea kai, na so you dey always get idea.
Anayo: (Laughs) This is a life changing idea, make una just listen to me.
Musa: I hope sey no be Nkechi matter o.
Anayo: Idiot, I said it is a life changing idea.
Musa: Eh....
Tunde: Musa wait, make we hear wetin e wan talk.
Anayo: (Clears throat) Ehen, the girls wey dey this village dey look
us with little eye especially that Nkechi.....
Musa: Tunde, I no talk am? Everytime Nkechi, Nkechi.
Anayo: Wait na, I'm still in the process.... Aah, aah I'm coming.
Musa: Okay, but I no wan hear Nkechi again o.
Tunde: Anayo, na your last warning.
Anayo: (Clears throat) We must suprise this girls....
Musa: Wala, Nkechi put medicine for your food?
Tunde: Anayo.
Musa: I no mention Nkechi na.
Tunde: Oya continue, we dey hear.
Anayo: This is about making money, making ego.
Musa & Tunde: Ehen.....
Anayo: Una dun smile now abi. Hehe, bad boys.
Musa: Now this kind thing we suppose dey hear from you.
Tunde: I tell you, na now you dey talk like better person.
Anayo: Wetin that one come mean? Infact I dey comot.

Anayo made to go but Tunde and Musa drew him back.

Tunde: Come back here, this one wey you talk sense so, e be like sey
your brain dun activate.
Anayo: Na insult you dey insult me?
Musa: Anayor, no mind am. Na today your head just start to work.
Anayo: Chai, if to sey una no be my friends I for do una something.
Musa: No vex, so wetin be the idea.
Anayo: Make we go hustle for city.
Musa: You get sense o.
Tunde: Na today I even know sey you get sense, but how we go do take go city?

Anayo: (Shakes head) Una two dey take style insult me.
Musa: No vex, I promise you suya tonight. I go meet that my brother
wey dey sell am for junction.
Anayo: (Smiles) Musa you mean am?
Musa: Yes.

Nkechi was passing by and Anayo had his eyes on her.

Tunde: Anayo talk na.
Musa: Them use Nkechi swear for you?
Anayo: Make una wait, I dey come (he walked after Nkechi).
Musa: Na woman go kill you.

Anayo caught up with Nkechi.

Anayo: Nkechi wait.
Nkechi: (Stops) Anayo what's your problem this time?
Anayo: No vex abeg eh, my heart is bleeding for you.
Nkechi: Your heart is bleeding and you can still walk?
Anayo: Na love o.
Nkechi: Don't stop me next time if you can't speak good English.
Excuse me (she left).
Anayo: (Looking at her as she left) Nkechi I will get you one day, no
be money? If to sey I get money you for sey mai learn English? E go
better. (He returned back pretending he had a successful discussion
with her).

Tunde: No just pretend, I know sey she turn you down without even thinking.
Anayo: Turn me down? Big boy like me?
Musa: Big boy wey dey cut Banga.
Anayo: (laughs) Make una no worry, I go get that girl.
Tunde: Tell us wetin you wan tell us jare.
Musa: Yes, how we go take reach city?
Anayo: Simple, we go borrow money from aunty Sisi.
Tunde: You dun pay the one you borrow?
Anayo: No, but eh. Since it is the three of us, she will give us the
money. We go even put this our apartment as collateral.
Musa: Haha, make landlord no hear you o.
Anayo: Live that mumu man, na wetin e know?
Tunde: (looks out) Mehn, landlord dey come for im house rent o.
Anayo: Wey am, wey am.
Musa: Make we run.

The three of them ran through the backyard so they wouldn't be seen by
their landlord who whey owed 6months house rent.

The landlord reached the house and saw that no one was there.

Landlord: These stupid boys have ran away again, I will get them
tomorrow's night. I will suprise them.

The landlord left and the three of them came out of their hiding places.

Anayo: Guys make we leave tomorrow morning after aunty Sisi borrow us the money.
Tunde: Oya make we walka.

They headed to aunty Sisi shop.


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