Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 2

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This Comedy Story Is Written Mainly In The Nigerian Pidgin.


<< Aunty Sisi >>

The three gentlemen Anayo, Tunde and Musa headed to Aunty Sisi shop,
they wanted to leave for the city very early the next day.

Anayo jumped up as they were on their way.

Tunde: Wetin dey worry you?
Anayo: I just dey happy, chai so na me go go city like this. After the
city I will go to America.
Musa: America no be your Papa backyard o.
Tunde: (Laughs) Tell am abeg, Anayo too dey dream this days.
Anayo: (Smiling in a funny way) Una dey laugh me? Make una just wait.
Tunde you go be my gateman.
Tunde: Ogun kill you, your Papa.
Anayo: Musa you eh, I fit make you my laundry man sha.
Musa: If na joke stop am oh, Anayo the dreamer.
Tunde: Hahaha, Anayo the dreamer.
Anayo: Make una no worry, infact una two naim go dey wash my dogs.
Tunde & Musa: Thunder fire you.
Tunde: I wan ask you one question o.
Anayo: Ask, I dey hear.
Tunde: How you go take reach America?
Anayo: So you be illiterate?
Tunde: Idiot, answer my question.
Anayo: Simple! America is after River Niger, I go use canoe.
Tunde: Opunu! Two of us who be illiterate now?
Anayo: Tell Musa make e answer am na.
Musa: Make una no worry, I know the answer. America dey for South Africa.
Tunde: You fail am. Opunu number 2.
Musa: Oya you, answer the question.
Tunde: America is in Asia.

Anayo and Musa laughed and laughed.

Anayo: You no get anything for head. Na Chinese people dey Asia like
Jet Li, Jackie Chan. Your mumu no get number o.
Tunde: Mtcheew, atleast I try pass una.
Anayo: Nothing like try, if you pass you pass.
Musa: Make una no dey quarrel jare, make we reach aunty Sisi shop fast fast.

(At Aunty Sisi's Shop)

Aunty Sisi was serving her customers food and drinks when Anayo, Tunde
and Musa reached there. They had already choosen Anayo to speak for

As they reached there Anayo signaled aunty Sisi to meet them by the
side of her shop.

Aunty Sisi: Anayo, I hope sey na my money you bring o.
Anayo: Sisi no o, na another business carry me come here.
Aunty Sisi: Ewo o. You no get respect at all, so you dey call me Sisi.
Chai God of Akwa Ibom.
Anayo: Sorry aunty no vex, e biko o.
Aunty Sisi: Oya vamos if no be my money you carry come.
Tunde: Madam abeg listen to our brother, we are e begging you in the
name of the God of Akwa Ibom.
Aunty Sisi: Oya Anayo, wetin carry you come here.
Anayo: (Smiles and laughs) We want make you borrow us money.
Aunty Sisi: You dey craze?
Anayo: Yes, I know sey I dey craze. Na the money only fit cure my craze.
Aunty Sisi: Give me one reason wey I go borrow you money when you
never pay the one you borrow.
Anayo: (Faking a cry) Chei, you see my friend wey dey there (pointing
at Tunde). E Papa die yesterday night.

Tunde wanted to talk but Musa stopped him.

Aunty Sisi: Ewo o, na wetin kill am?
Anayo: HIV.
Aunty Sisi: Aruo!
Anayo: (Still faking a cry) The village people sey make e first son
wey be this my friend come back home to bury e Papa.
Aunty Sisi: Chei, bad thing no good to happen o.
Anayo: Naim I come sey make you help us with just transport money, I
mean borrow us. Just transport money make we go see e people.
Aunty Sisi: Chai, how this small boy go take bury e Papa.
Musa: Pity our friend biko.
Aunty Sisi: Chei, how much be the transport money?
Anayo: Just twelve thousand Naira.
Aunty Sisi: 12k? The money big o.
Anayo: We dash you our apartment till we come back after two weeks.
Aunty Sisi: Wetin I go use una apartment do?
Anayo: Use am start ashewo business.
Aunty Sisi: Your mama, if no be your friend I for no give una the
money. Make una wait here.

Aunty Sisi went inside her shop to bring the 12k.

Tunde: Anayo take time o.
Musa: If sey Anayo no tell am sey your Papa die she for no give us the money.
Tunde: Why e no talk your Papa.
Musa: My Papa die when e dey born me.
Tunde: You be idiot oh. Haha, Musa oh.
Anayo: Make una keep calm, Sisi dey come.

Aunty Sisi came back with the 12k.

Aunty Sisi: Make una take manage o.
Musa: Thank you madam.
Aunty Sisi: Anayo friend bury your Papa well o.
Tunde: Eh, eh.
Anayo: No worry, e go bury am well. Take our spare key (gives her
their spare key), we dey comot tomorrow morning. Use our apartment
anyhow you like for two weeks.
Aunty Sisi: Make una dey walka jhoor.

The three gentlemen walked home happily as their first line of action
in going to the city worked out perfectly.


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