Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 3

This Comedy Story Is Written Mainly In The Nigerian Pidgin.

If you missed the episode 2 of this story, please read it here


<< Preparation >>

The three gentlemen Anayo, Tunde and Musa got the 12k from aunty Sisi,
and they were heading home happily. They were all talking about what
they would do in the city.

Anayo: Hehehe, As I enter city gbam! All this dirty village girls no
go near me. I go show them pepper after I dun make am.
Musa: Everytime na woman be your problem, make we talk how e go take
better for us as we reach city.
Tunde: Musa, na why I like you. You get sense pass one person here.
Musa: One person? Wetin that one mean?
Tunde: Just dey go, no worry jare.
Anayo: Make una walka make we reach house fast fast. We no wan waste time.
Musa: City dey run?
Tunde: No mind that bushman.
Anayo: I be bushman now abi. No worry, I go lost two of una for city.
Tunde: Where you sabi? Since them born you, you dun leave this village?
Anayo: I no blame you, I blame myself.
Musa: Abeg make the two of una shut up make we reach home fast.

They all reached home.

(At Aunty Sisi's Home)

Aunty Sisi was with six girls at her home in the night.

Sisi: Girls, I have a new place that we will start our business. We
will just use there for two weeks starting from tomorrow.
Girl 1: And where are you talking about?
Sisi: Anayo's house.
Nkechi: That Anayo? Me go there?
Sisi: Don't worry, they wouldn't be there. They are going to be away
while we use there.
Nkechi: So, what did you give to them in return?
Sisi: Nothing really, they just borrowed 12k from me and left their
apartment for me as collateral.
Nkechi: Well that's okay, I don't want that bushman to see my nakedness.
Sisi: Okay, I will inform our customers as we start tomorrow.

(Anayo Landlord's House)

Anayo landlord was outside thinking of how to deal with Anayo and the
two others.

Landlord: Hmm, those boys don't know that they are playing with fire.
I will show them magic and power. Hehehe, Ndu!

He called Ndu again, Ndu was the name of his son.

Ndu: Yes papa.
Landlord: I want you to gather your friends for me tomorrow, for we
shall be heading there to deal with those three bushmen in the night.
Ndu: Hahaha, I can do it myself o.
Landlord: Are you deaf? I said gather your friends.
Ndu: Understood!
Landlord: I am fire and I shall burn them to dust.

(At Anayo's Apartment)

The three gentlement had prepared all their travelling materials and
were ready for the next day trip.

They were eating rice and roasted chicken with smiles on their faces.

Tunde: Thank God o, this is our last food in this village.
Anayo: Back to the sender!
Musa: Hahaha.
Tunde: Wetin that one mean?
Anayo: Na you wey no go return alive. I will return alive.
Tunde: Shu, no be wetin I mean o. You no dey understand person, you
just dey think left left.
Anayo: I no wan understand.
Tunde: Okay o.
Musa: Na which city una think sey we go go?
Tunde: Sha for now I never know.
Anayo: Hahaha, make we go Egi city.
Musa: Eh? Why you choose Egi city?
Anayo: Them get free light, free water and fine fine girls.
Tunde: Free light?
Anayo: Yes.
Tunde: Make we start computer business.
Anayo: Na which money you get to open am?
Musa: Make we dey do suya.
Anayo: Who?
Musa: Us. Na which handwork wey you get?
Anayo: You dey find my handwork? No worry, make we reach city first
then you go see am.
Tunde: Abeg make we sleep to wake early tomorrow.
Anayo: Okay na.

They all went to bed. Anayo was dreaming.

He was a very rich man and he had just returned from the city,
everybody in the village were all very happy to see him.
Nkechi wanted to hugged him but he refused.

Nkechi: Darling, what's the matter?
Anayo: Who's your darling? If I slap you now eh....
Nkechi: Forgive me please.
Anayo: I have a new girl in my life, so go away.
Nkechi: Please......

A heavy hand touched him and he woke up, it was Tunde.

Tunde: Nawa for you, na which new girl you get so?
Anayo: Chai, I dey dream better dream here naim you wake me up for midnight.
Tunde: Idiot, na 5am.
Anayo: (Stands up) Mai go baff jare.

They all started dressing up for the journey.


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