Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 4

This Comedy Story Is Written Mainly In The Nigerian Pidgin.

If you missed the episode 3 of this story, please read it here


<< Off To The City >>

Anayo, Tunde and Musa were all ready to go to the city by 05:52 am
that morning. They wore their best clothes as they say that first
impression matters, so the three gentlemen want to give a good nice
impression to the city. For Anayo it was just not the city, he planned
to impressed the ladies.

They locked their doors and windows and made their journey on leg to
the park in the town.

Tunde: Anayo this your chieftancy dressing nawa o.
Anayo: Wetin do am?
Tunde: All the girls go think sey you be chief o.
Anayo: Na wetin I want na, especially those girls will big ukwu.
Tunde: You self eh.
Musa: Anayo, na which person house you go dey sleep with those girls?
You know whether we go find even where to sleep.
Anayo: Hehe, I'm coded! When the time comes you will see how I do my magic.
Musa: Magic eh? I just dey pray make everything work out well without any magic.
Anayo: See you o, you think sey city na village? If you do anyhow, you
go see anyhow.
Tunde: We know that one already.
Anayo: Good, even if na to join secret society.
Musa: You dey craze.
Tunde: Anayo you chop witch?
Anayo: Make una forget, na when we reaach city una suppose talk.
Musa: My suya businesss go blow the wey Davido blow.
Anayo: We dun hear.

The three of them passed their landlord's house.

Anayo: See the yeye man house.
Musa: E go cry well when e see ashawo dey do ehm ehm for e house.
Tunde: You sure sey landlord no go follow them do?
Anayo: Na Sisi go handle the landlord.
Musa: Haha, make we jolly dey go.

They reached the motor park and paid their transport fares while
waiting for the bus to be filled up.

Anayo: Time to say our farewell message to the village.
Musa: Yes o.
Tunde: I thank the gods of this land for looking after me during my
stay, I will come back here one day.
Musa: Uhmm, my turn. May Allah bless everybody that gave me food in this town.
Anayo: Oya o, na my turn now. As I dey leave this village, make all my
badluck go to my enemies. (Tunde and Musa looked at him) Any body wey
no want mai succeed ekwensu flog you for night. I dun carry all my
sins dash this village. Amen!

Tunde: Anayo! Na war?
Anayo: Yes na war. I must succeed o, so I dun dash all my sorrows give
this village.
Musa: Anayo my guy, we go carry you go psychia for city.
Anayo: Your papa.
Tunde: Abeg make we enter bus jare.
Anayo: Yes, here I come Egi city!

They entered the bus as they zoomed off to Egi city.

( At Egi City)

A group of boys gathered together and were in the middle of a
discussion, their leader name was Clinton.

Clinton: Boys eh, with the way things dey go we suppose ask any alien
for marching ground o.
David: Yes na, dem no dey fear? Na we get Egi o, anybody from another
city must pay marching ground.
Clinton: Good, but if na young fresh girl we go manage her body.
Favour: Chairman you self too much o.
Clinton: Naxo my guy, so we go create special taskforce wey go root
out new aliens make them pay marching ground.
David: Oga o, I'm available. I dey ready, just issue the order.
Clinton: I believe you. You, Wilson, Prince, Favour And Samuel are the
special taskforce and you David is the leader of this very taskforce.
David: Boss, thanks for the opportunity, I will prove myself.
Clinton: Alright, make una dismiss. We go meet again later.
David: No shaking boss, expect result for tomorrow morning.
Clinton: No wahala.

( At The Bus)

Anayo was heavily over excited as he was in the bus heading to Egi city.

Anayo: See sea, sea sea.
Tunde: Hia, village man. No be sea na river.
Anayo: I no sabi something? This one big pass river.
Musa: Anayo see as people dey look you o, na your village you dey disgrace so.
Anayo: Shut up mai enjoy myself. See Olamide, see Olamide poster.
Passenger 1: Which bush una friend come from?
Musa: The bush no even get name, na ancient bush be that. Na
chimpanzee full that bush.
Passenger 1: No wonder.
Anayo: (To the passenger) Just respect yourself o, if I vex Boko Haram
dey fear me.
Driver: Boko kini? (Stops Car And Ran Away)

All the other passengers also followed the driver and ran except the
three gentlemen.

Anayo: Chai, see driver na mumu o. E go see pepper today.


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