Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 5

This Comedy Story Is Written Mostly With The Nigerian Pidgin.


If you missed the episode 4 of this story, please read it here


<< The Officer >>

Everyone in the bus that the three gentlemen boarded ran away after
Anayo mentioned Boko Haram.
After the driver and the others ran Anayo laughed and said the driver
had just killed himself.

Anayo: This driver na ewu o, anu nkpama. We dun make am already.
Musa: Wetin you mean?
Anayo: Hehehe, make we take the money wey dey the car run and then
find another car.
Tunde: Na bad thing o.
Musa: Anayo correct for this one, na city we dey go. If you do anyhow,
you see anyhow.
Tunde: Eh? Okay na, make we do fast fast before them return.
Anayo: Na now you dey talk.
Musa: Anayo make we do fast jare.
Anayo: Okay, okay.

The three of them opened where the driver kept the money every
passenger paid, they took almost all and ran away.

( At Anayo's Landlord House At Akwa Ibom)

Anayo's landlord was drinking palmwine outside.

Landlord: Hehehe, those three boys will be dealt with tonight. They
don't know that they are playing with fire. Kai, them go hear am
tonight. Ndu!
Ndu: (Comes out) Yes Papa.
Landlord: Have you prepared your friends for tonight's mission?
Ndu: Yes, seven of them.
Landlord: Seven, that will be good. You can go now. Those boys will
hear wihm today.

(At Anayo's Apartment In Akwa Ibom)

Aunty Sisi and her girls had already cleared the place and were ready
for business.

Aunty Sisi: Chai, those three boys don't have any properties at all.
Look at all this old akpola shoe. Chai, it must have been passed down
from their ancestors.
Nkechi: Hahaha, and that stupid Anayo was trying to toast me. The next
time he will try it again eh, I will slap off his head from his neck.
Aunty Sisi: Sha, this place is good for our business.
Nkechi: Yes, enough space for the beds. Aunty Sisi o, I hope you have
told our customers about this location.
Aunty Sisi: Yes na. (Looking at the road side) See, three of them are
even coming.
Nkechi: Good.

One of the customers was the landlord's son.

Ndu: Aunty Sisi na my father house be the new place?
Aunty Sisi: Yes o, this place is good for the business.
Ndu: Good, don't mind that my old man jare.
Aunty Sisi: I'm sure you will hold him for us.
Ndu: That my old man like better thing, don't worry he wouldn't even
resist any of your girls.
Aunty Sisi: I will give him a free round myself.
Ndu: I trust you Sisi. So which girl dey on the line first?
Nkechi: I.
Ndu: Okay, make we enter fast. With the way the thing dey do me for
body I go wound person o.
Nkechi: Come jhoor, na you go tire.

(At The Location The Driver Stopped The Bus And Ran Away)

After the driver and the passengers ran away they returned twenty
minutes later with a police officer.

Officer: I told you people that's no Boko Haram in this state, I would
have killed them all if they were here. They wanted to come o, but
they heard my name and ran away.
Driver: (Points to the bus) Officer this is the bus.
Officer: Aha! The car is not bombed or burnt, the engine and
speedometer is alright. The tyres are normal and even the door is
okay, there is no sign or symptom of Boko Haram being here. False
alarm! I have to go back to the station.
Passenger 1: What's inside that black nylon under the bus? Na bomb?

The officer moved back immediately.

Driver: Officer where are you going to?
Officer: I'm just staying at a safe distance just in case the bomb explodes.
Driver: So you can't defuse the bomb?
Officer: Defuse? I can defuse many bombs like the ones from Ghana,
Cameroon, Niger and Chad but this one is imported from Germany.
Driver: Germany? How did you know?
Officer: My grandfather fought in the first world war so he told me everything.

Just then the nylon was flown away by the wind.

Passenger 1: Officer it was just an ordinary black nylon o.
Officer: Hehehe, just like I suspected.
Driver: Let me go and check where I kept my money.

The driver checked and shouted.

Driver: Ewo o, my money. They have taken my money.
Officer: Your money?
Driver: Yes officer.
Officer: Chai, you have not paid mobilization fee o.
Passenger 1: Officer, he is still crying because he lost his money.
Officer: You are stupid, infact all of you are underarrest for
deceiving a police officer.

The passengers all ran away leaving the driver behind who was still
mourning his loss.


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