How To Avoid Being Banned On Facebook

Facebook is the number one social network in the planet, an
overwhelming percentage of internet users use Facebook.

Facebook is a medium for fun, games, business e.t.c.

Many people lose their accounts due to little mistakes on their part
or what they did intentionally knowing that it is against the rules of

I have come to rescue you all who haven't been banned yet or those who
don't want to be banned again.

Read my rescue tips below carefully.

1. Avoid Spamming:
Spamming means sending the same message indiscriminately to large
numbers of recipients.

When you send the same links/messages indiscriminately to facebook
groups and page comment box, Facebook is bound to find you and suspend
your account.

If Facebook don't find you by themselves the angry group/page owners
will report you to Facebook and you will have your account suspended.

To be on the safe side send a single link once to few groups, if you
have many important links to share then share 3 to 4 links a day to
few groups at different time of the day.

2. Don't Upload Pornographic Materials:
You know facebook frowns at pornographic materials especially when it
has to do with Child Pornography. Child Pornography itself is illegal
in the planet and you wouldn't only get suspended for it but also get
yourself arrested by the authorities.
So you shouldn't upload pornographic materials to avoid being banned.

However, Facebook do accept sexy pictures. For example you can upload
pictures of ladies in the beach, or ladies wearing bikini or lingerie.

Any picture showing the women vagina and men penis is pornographic,
also picture of people copulating is pornographic.

However, naked pictures can be uploaded if they are for educational purposes.

3. Don't Join Illegal Groups/Pages:

Joining illegal groups/pages on Facebook will get your account banned.

Note that what may be illegal in a country may be legal in another
country, and Facebook will moderate your account based on the rules
and regulations of your country.

So before you join any group make sure the group is not illegal in your country.

Also there are certain groups that are illegal accross the entire
planet such as Child Porn Groups and Terrorism Groups.

So avoid joining illegal groups.

4. Don't Reupload A Picture/Video Facebook Rejected In Your Link:

You might paste a link in Facebook and the image is not shown with the
link in your timeline and facebook page, don't reupload that image
because you might get banned.

I have been banned for doing that twice and both images were grey and
not coloured, remember it is better safe than sorry.

NOTE: You may be banned for uploading certain pictures like the
Illuminati symbol and Anonymous pictures.

That's it, if you have any questions or contributions use the Disqus
comment box below.

Thanks for reading....

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