Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 1


This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.

** Story Line **

In a campus in Nigeria there are several lesbian gangs who always hunt
on new female students to join their gangs, the police is also at
alert but are finding it difficult to apprehend them.

NOTE: This story is not a personal fight against lesbians, it is based
in Nigeria because the Nigerian government signed the anti-homosexual
bill to law.


The story starts in a girls hostel in a university in Nigeria, two hot
ebony girls were fvcking each other. They were Bisi and Janet, their
room mates who also belongs to their gang had left the room.
The name of their gang is The Ebony V.agina Girls, their members were
only Ebony and their leader name was Chika.

Bisi was on top of Janet on the bed in their hostel. They both were
naked as Janet spread her legs wide and Bisi took a coke bottle and
thrusted it inside Janet p.ussy.

Janet: Put something bigger, this coke bottle is too small.
Bisi: Janeti, no problem. Let me get the big cucumber I bought this morning.
Janet: Aah, yes good baby.

Bisi climbed down from the bed and went for the large cucumber she had
bought for her Mugu boyfriend.

She took it and thrusted inside Janet's p.ussy.

Janet: (moans) Aah, yes yes yes. That's it, fvck me harder.

Bisi smiled as she thrusted the cucumber in and out of Janet p.ussy,
Janet was so high that the bed shaked.

Janet: Aah, lick me, lick me.

Bisi removed the cucumber and kissed Janet pussy, she kissed it like
it was Janet's lips.

Janet closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure.

Bisi licked Janet pussy just the way a little kid who had chocalate
ice cream for the first time in a month.

She inserted her middle finger inside Janet's p.ussy and finger fvcked
her, Janet moaned and Bisi increased it to three finger.
After a while Bisi reverted to sucking Janet pussy, she did it this
time like a mad dog.

Janet shaked uncontrollably on the bed as her vagina fluid gushed out
which followed with a loud moan.
Her loud moan got the attention of some others in other rooms as one
voice said "Una Dey Do Am?" and Bisi replied "Yes o".

It was Janet's turn now to fvck Bisi so they exchanged positions.

Janet and Bisi had a long kiss as they rubbed each other body in lust.

Janet kissed Bisi nipple and played with them using her tongue as Bisi moaned.
While Janet was playing with Bisi nipples, Bisi used her fingers to
fuck Janet's p.ussy.

Bisi: I love your p.ussy.
Janet: Yours is the best.
Bisi: Aah! Aah! Go down baby.
Janet: Sure darling.

Janet kissed Bisi from her belly down to her p.ussy, she kissed Bisi
p.ussy slowly as the horny Bisi use her hands to push Janet's face
more into her pussy.

Janet tongue fucked Bisi as she cried from pleasure.

Bisi: You are the best Janet.
Janet: My pleasure.
Bisi: Lick me faster I want to cum.
Janet: Anyhow you want it pretty (She licked Bisi p.ussy much faster).
Bisi: (moans) Yes, that's my baby. Aah, aah! It's coming, oush, oush,
ous (her vagina fluid gushed out). You did it Janet, you are fvcking

Janet's face was full of Bisi vagina fluid, she licked it smiling.

She kissed Bisi again as the both of them slept side by side on the
bed. They kissed each other and press their p.ussy together.

Bisi: You are so lovely.
Janet: It's my pleasure darling.

As they held each other on the bed Chika and two other gang members
walked into the room.

Chika: Una Dey Do Am?
Bisi & Janet: Yes o.
Jen: (Takes a pestle) Make I put this thing inside una thing.
Bisi: I ready jare.
Chika: Calm down girls, we have an issue to discuss. We are only five
here, you can all inform the others.
Janet: Chair lady we are listening.
Chika: Okay. A police officer named Anayo is watching our gang. So I
will select one of you to seduce him.
Bisi: (Shows her p.ussy to the rest) Don't worry, this will do the
job. He will fall for me.
Chika: You ready?
Bisi: I ready na.
Chika: Okay, I will pick you for the job. If you succeed I will lick you myself.
Bisi: Chair lady, it will be a pleasure.
Chika: Okay, let me go and visit one stupid lecturer.

Chika left while the girls she came with pulled their clothes
hurriedly to lick each other.

(At T-Junction Police Station)

The D.P.O of the police station was with officer Anayo.

D.P.O: Officer Anayo you say you had an interesting finding yesterday
at the popular lesbian university.
Anayo: Yes sir. I noticed a group of ebony girls who go anywhere
together, when I asked a student there she said they are suspected
D.P.O: I see, carry out your investigation but be very careful. Those
girls have many ears. And also many police officers that have been
sent to that university have failed.
Anayo: Thank you sir, I will succeed this time.
D.P.O: Okay.


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