Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 2

This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.

If you missed the episode 1 of this story please read it here


<< Sex At Lec. James Office >>

(Chika At Lecturer James Office)

Lecturer James was the one the leader of Ebony V.agina Girls went to
see, the lecturer had called her because of her grades and her absense
in class.

Chika wore a black skimpy dress that revealed her yellow underwear as
she sat down in the lecturer's office.

Chika: Sir you called me.
Lec. James: Yes. It's about your poor grades and absense in class.
Chika: I can settle you.
Lec. James: What do you mean by that?
Chika: You are new here abi (she rubs her right hand on her laps).

Lecturer James saw her underwear and her big her boobs, his attention
got fixed on Chika's yellow underwear and his d.ick had an attention.

Chika: (Knowing that the lecturer was now swimming in the river of
lust) Do you like what you are seeing?

Even though Chika and her girls were lesbians they sleep with men just
to get what they want, and most of them became lesbians after they
were hunted down by the lesbian group so they also enjoyed having the
d.ick in their p.ussy just to get what they want.

Lec. James: (Stammers) Eh, eh.
Chika: Don't worry, I can give it to you now. You know my reward don't you?
Lec. James: (Full of lust) I will give you an 80% grade, ah. Let me
even do it now.

Lec. James brought out the assesment record and manipulated it to give
Chika an 80% grade.

Lec. James: Look at it.
Chika: (Stands up to meet the lecturer). That's good, go and lock your
office door so we won't be interrupted.
Lec. James: Yes, yes.

As the lecturer went to lock the door Chika dropped her phone video
recorder running on the shelf facing the lecture's table side, she
will blur her face and use the video against the lecturer anytime he
fumbles. The lecturer didn't realise that as he was swimming in the
river of lust.

The lecturer returned as Chika held his tie and kissed him as he
responded. The lecturer grabbed her ass and pressed their body
together, Chika could feel his risen d.ick and she smiled.

She removed the lecturer's belt and his trouser fell off, Chika saw
how his d.ick was almost tearing his boxer.

She brought out his d.ick and shaked it as the lecturer moan, he
rubbed Chika's head as she shaked her d.ick to and fro.

Lec. James: Yes baby.
Chika: You love it huh?
Lec. James: I need your p.ussy and asshole.
Chika: Really?
Lec. James: Yes.

Chika didn't suck his d.ick because it was against the rules to suck a
man's penis except she had taken permission from the entire group and
also a cleansing would be done after that.

She stood up and removed her skimpy dress, her bare boobs got the
lecturer excited as he sucked them like a little kid.
He removed Chika's yellow pant and lied her on his table as he licked
her p.ussy like a hungry child.

Chika pushed his face more inside to lick her p.ussy deeper as she
spread her legs wide moaning.

Chika: Come on, come on, lick me on.

Lec. James tongue f.ucked her as spread her legs more wide open.

Chika: Good, good that's it baby.

Lec. James carried Chika and sat on his office chair, Chika sat on his
laps as he thrusted his d.ick inside her asshole.

Lec. James: I love your ass.
Chika: Yea, fuck it harder.

Lec. James f.ucked Chika asshole so fast that he couldn't hold himself
as he poured his semen inside Chika's ass. Lec. James moaned
uncontrably as he cum inside Chika's asshole.

Lec. James: Aah, that's it baby.
Chika: You love it?
Lec. James: Yes.

Chika bent down on the floor as the semen oozed out of her anus.

She stood up and gave Lec. James a pussy show, as soon as Lec. James
closed his eyes for a few seconds she took the phone she kept on the
shelf and hid in her bag.

Lec. James: Wow, I didn't fvck your p.ussy today. Maybe next time.
Chika: Yes, if you can pay.
Lec. James: How much for a round?
Chika: 20k.
Lec. James: Wow, you are expensive. Give me your phone number.
Chika: 080********.

Chika and Lec. James cleaned up themselves and they both walked
outside chatting happily.

Lec. James: Be expecting my call.
Chika: Okay, dear.

As Chika left Lec. James looked at her big ass.

Lec. James: This is enjoyment, now I understand what Lec. Thomas meant
by campus enjoyment. Hehehe.

Meanwhile officer Anayo was taking a walk in the campus.


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