Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 3

This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.
If you missed the episode 2 of this story, please read it here


<< Meeting With Officer Anayo>>

As Chika was coming back from Lec. James office after she had given
him his first campus s.ex experience as a new lecturer, officer Anayo
was at the same time taking a walk in the campus.

Chika's breasts could be widely seen as the skimpy dress she wore was
very tight and also her huge ass made both guys and girls to lick
their tongues while checking her out, many lecturer both male and
female have been f.ucked by her and for her own gain. She didn't care
as far as she got what she wanted.

Mr. Anayo saw Chika as she was coming at his direction, he recognized
her as one of the girls among the group of girls he suspected to be

Chika saw him too and recognized that he was officer Anayo the one who
was watching them.

Chika and his girls have many connections and they are always kept up
to date in what ever that has to do with them.

Officer Anayo saw how indecent her dressing was and thought to himself
that an officer like him shouldn't spend time with someone like her,
he thought again and said he won't miss this chance to talk or he
would fix a date for them to discuss. He was in mufti and you wouldn't
know he was an officer unless he told you himself or somewhere told

Chika reached near him.

Anayo: Hi.
Chika: (Smiles) Hi.
Anayo: May I know your name please?
Chika: I'm Chika and you?
Anayo: I'm Anayo.
Chika: Anayo.... This is the first time I'm seeing your face in this campus.
Anayo: Ehn. Actually I'm just here because someone invited me. So I
want to know something, who are those your female friends you hang out
Chika: My female friends? I can't just talk about them to a stranger I
just met now.
Anayo: I'm sorry, I know that was rude to ask.

Officer Anayo have been trying not to base his eyes on Chika's boobs
as they were so tempting....

Chika: It's nothing really, a man like you would be interested at a
group of hot looking girls.
Anayo: It's not like that.
Chika: Stop pretending I know what you men wants.

Officer Anayo felt that he was losing focus so he thought on the best
way to end their talk.

Anayo: Maybe we will talk better next time.
Chika: You said someone invited you here, won't you be gone before next time?
Anayo: No, I will be staying here for a while.
Chika: (Smiles) Okay, see you around.
Anayo: Yes.

Officer Anayo left feeling so relieved that he didn't fall so easily,
if he had stayed with Chika for a little longer he would have probably
talk dirty and in the process reveal that he was an officer.

Chika on the other hand was happy as this might be her chance to get
closer to officer Anayo so he will let his guard down.

She smiled as officer Anayo left, she checked her buttocks and made
sure that her boobs were in place.

She brought out her phone and called Mike. Mike was the one she had
hired to watch the police officer.

Chika: Mike.
Mike: Hello boss lady.
Chika: I hope your eyes are still on that officer.
Mike: Yes na, eh. I even saw him talking to you. So wetin una discuss.
Chika: No mind the idiot jare, e dey ask me about my girls.
Mike: Hmm, you have to be careful o.
Chika: Trust me na, I got things under control.
Mike: Boss lady!
Chika: Just do your job. I suspect he will ask people if they knew
where I was coming from because of the way I dressed.
Mike: Nothing spoil sha.
Chika: Yes, we go talk later.

Chika left.

Just as Chika suspected officer Anayo asked a student whether she saw
where Chika was coming from, and the student told him she was coming
from a lecturer's office.

The student name was Temi, she was a member of another lesbian gang.
She had seen the lecturer coming out with Chika but she didn't want to
mention the lecturer's name because if a gang is captured other gangs
will be in trouble.

Officer Anayo backed off in order to devise a plan to know the
lecturer so he could know exactly what he and Juliet talked about.

As Lecturer James was heading back to his office Lecturer Thomas
hailed him and also followed him to the office.

Lecture James told Lecturer Thomas everything that happened.

Lec. Thomas: You see? I told you, campus enjoyment is the best.
Lec. James: You are saying the truth, infact I will be doing this with
other girls.
Lec. Thomas: Haha, do small small o.


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