Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 4

This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.
If you missed the episode 3 of this story, please read it here


<< The Sex Party >>

There was a party at the campus that night, the top people on campus
were all given invitations including Chika and the leader of other
lesbian groups.

The girls all dressed to kill, they went to the party wearing clothes
that revealed their panties and boobs.

The crazy girls didn't wear any underwear, you could see their fresh
p.ussy through their seen through dresses.
They knew that they will surely f.uck a girl or a guy at the party.

Before going to the party, the Ebony V.agina Girls had a brief meeting
with Mike among them.

Chika: Girls e, as we are going to the party today all of you should
be at alert.
Bisi: Something go happen?
Chika: Hehehe, Fat Ass Girls done join up with one of those guys cult.
Bisi: Shoo. Makai why now? Why will they betray the lesbian sisterhood?
Chika: Mike will brief us.
Mike: What the boss lady said is true, the Fat Ass Girls joined the
Rugged Boys so that they will beat up the Tight Pussy Gang.
Janet: What is their reason?
Mike: The Tight Pussy Gang took a girl which the Fat Ass Girls had
been wanting to join their group.
Bisi: Only?
Mike: The thing be sey the girl nyash na automatic o.
Janet: Auto kini? I go lick that one ass finish.
Chika: Una dun hear am?
All: Yes!
Bisi: Chai, that is an unholy alliance. We cannot let the boys beat us
the girls.
Chika: As we dey go this party so, shine your eyes. If anybody wan
fuck up, use bottle scatter e head.
Bisi: No shaking boss lady.

After the meeting they all left for the party.

Many groups of girls trooped down to the party venue.

The party had already started and alcohol was being served to all of them.
A fair girl gulped down one bottle of beer immediately and came out in
front of everyone and took another bottle. Her name was Miriam.

Miriam: (Drunk) Everyone look up (everyone watched her). I have taken
a bottle so it's time for my v.agina to drink.

Everyone in the venue started hailing her, carry go! Carry go!

She removed her clothes, lied on the floor with her legs spread wide
up as she poured the beer into her p.ussy.
Horny girls immediately ran and struggled for who will lick her and Temi won.

Temi licked Miriam p.ussy with the flavor of the beer still on it and
everyone cheered them up.

Temi: Your p.ussy is tasty.
Miriam: Yea, come on lick me more.
Temi: Yes baby.

Miriam moaned as Temi licked her pussy so good. As Temi was busy
licking Miriam's p.ussy another girl came from Temi behind and carried
Temi clothes up and removing her red panties.

She thrusted a bottle of beer into Temi's asshole as Temi gasped at
first and told her to ride on.

Temi tongue f.ucked Miriam who was moaning and swimming in pleasure,
while the other girl enjoyed thrusting the bottle into Temi's asshole.

The music became louder as everyone turned to their neighbours and
f.ucked them, the boys who were present also got some girls to f.uck.

Everyone was moaning in pleasure, some were one on one while others
were in threesome.

A group of boys were a little bit far from the venue as they were
checking out just in case police officers or other gangs that want to
spoil the party were coming... They would have their own share of fun
after the party was over.

( At A Place In The Campus)

The Fat Ass Girls and the Rugged Boys were in a place at the campus.

The leader of the Fat Ass Girls was Aisha, while her boyfriend Wole
was the leader of the Rugged boys.

Both the Fat Ass Girls and the Rugged Boys have been in a secret
relationship for a long time but the other lesbian groups only know
about it till recently.

Members of the Rugged Boys also had girlfriends in the Fat Ass Girls.

The Fat Ass Girls were so unique that every member of the gang had a huge ass.

Aisha: Make una relax, una hear? No be now we go attack, make them
first jolly finish. We go use our nyash knack them anyhow.
Wole: I trust you baby, since we are still waiting let's all have fun together.
Aisha: Abi.

Everyone got their partner as they f.ucked each other while waiting
for the time to strike.

Meanwhile officer Anayo was in his office that night with his
subordinate thinking about what his next line of action would be.


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