Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 5

This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.
If you missed the episode 4 of this story please read it here


<< The Battle Is About To Begin >>

Officer Anayo was in his office the night the party among lesbians
were going on, he was with his subordinate Okoli.

Okoli: Sir, are you still thinking about what our next plan of action would be?
Anayo: Yes ofcourse.
Okoli: Then let's go to the campus tonight.
Anayo: What would the both of us achieve at the campus tonight?
Okoli: I heard that a party is being held there now, most of the
people going to the party are girls which indecent dressings can't
just be described by words.
Anayo: Are you sure your source is correct?
Okoli: Yes, it is a trusted source.
Anayo: Well, well. With what you say it seems to be a lesbian party to
me. I think we can dig up evidence from that party.
Okoli: Yes sir.
Anayo: As we are going, remember that they are ladies. Ladies are so
full of trickery and can deceive one like the serpent deceived Eve in
the garden of Eden.
Okoli: I know that sir.
Anayo: So don't let your guard down. Let's move.

Officer Anayo and his subordinate left for the campus.

(At The Party)

The party was still hot as all the girls were fvcking, licking and
sucking each other.
The guys invited to the party were all wild with excitement as they
had a huge number of girls they could fvck freely.

The Tight P.ussy Gang were also aware that the Fat Ass Girls together
with the Rugged Boys would invade the party anytime soon so they were
also at alert.
The Ebony V.agina Girls and the other lesbian groups were also at alert.
It was because of the threat of invading the party that made everyone
stop fvcking after an hour so that they wouldn't be caught unaware.

Bisi: Boss Lady wey those idiot fat bumbum people?
Chika: Don't worry, they will soon show up.
Janet: I go break their head with all this bottles (she pointed to the
eight bottles of beer she finished).
Jen: I trust you jare, let's wait for them (lights her cigarette).

They shared light food, cigarettes and gin at the party as they await
the Fat Ass Girls and the Rugged Boys.

(At The Fat Ass Girls Location)

The Fat Ass Girls and the Rugged Boys were done f.ucking except their leaders.

Aisha: Wole, fvck me faster.
Wole: Your pussy is heavenly. I want to cum.
Aisha: Yes, cum inside me. Cum inside me.
Wole: Aah, ahh.

Wole moaned as he poured his semen into Aisha's v.agina.

The two of them cleaned themselves and Wole planted a kiss on Aisha's lip.

Aisha: I think it's time for us to go.
Wole: Yes baby, our two groups will take over this campus.
Aisha: Yes. Oya all of you. Let's start moving.

The Fat Ass Girls and the Rugged Boys left for the party's venue.

(At The Campus Front Gate)

Officer Anayo and his subordinate had arrived on the campus.
They asked the security man at the gate where the party was going on
and he told them that it was near the back gate of the school.

Anayo: That's a little bit far. We need to get their fast.
Okoli: Yes, but we can't use motorcycle or car. If we use them we will
be discovered.
Security Man: Are you people investigating those lesbians?
Anayo: Yes, do you know about them?
Security Man: Not really, I only use to see girls doing hmm hmm
especially when it's dark.
Anayo: Okay, we have to go now.
Security Man: Wait, (points to two bicycles) you can use these two
bicycles here. They belong to some students who went agains the law,
you can bring them back when you are done.
Anayo: Thank you very much, we promise to return them back.

Officer Anayo and Okoli rode the bicycles very fast heading to the
party's venue.

Meanwhile the boys positioned to check out for intruders notified
those at the party that the Fat Ass Girls were coming.

Bisi: So them dun show face abi. No shaking we go use them play ball.
Chika: Hehehe, we go grind them like dry pepper.
Temi: Tonight we shall stand united and defeat our common enemy.
Miriam: Yes, I go burn the hairs wey dey their p.ussy with my lighter.
Chika: Girls, let's get ready for the fight!
All: Yes!

Will Officer Anayo and his subordinate Okoli get there in time to
prevent the fight from breaking out?


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