Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 6

This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.


If you missed the episode 5 of this story, please read it here


<< The Battle >>

Officer Anayo and his subordinate Okoli heard chantings a far from them.

Okoli: We will soon get there sir.
Anayo: Yes, but with the way the chanting is going on it seems like
it's for a fight.
Okoli: Yes, but what could actually make them fight with each other.
Anayo: Well, we need to hurry. We are stil far from there.
Okoli: Yes sir.

They kicked their bicycles faster as they raced toward the venue of the party.

Meanwhile at the party, the Fat Ass Girls together with the Rugged
Boys have already engaged the other lesbian groups with their boys

There was the sound of bottles breaking on people's head and on the
floor, some of the girls from the Fat Ass Girls were stabbed at their
belly as they were greatly outnumbered.

Aisha: Chai, we are outnumbered.
Chika: Stop regretting now, na only me go fight you.
Aisha: Abi.
Chika: Make we start na.

Chika rushed Aisha (the head of Fat Ass Girls) as members of Ebony
V.agina Girls waited guarding her so that no one would interfere in
their fight.

Chika and Aisha was in a wrestle of strength and Aisha was overcomed
by Chika as she had more stamina and strength than Aisha.

As Aisha fell down on the ground Chika took a broken bottle on the
floor and tore off Aisha's clothes revealing only her black panties as
she wore no bra.

Chika: Today na today, you go die here.
Aisha: You wan f.uck me or wetin?
Chika: No be me go f.uck you. Mike!
Mike: Yes boss lady!
Chika: Rape this mumu!
Mike: Understood!
Aisha: Chika na wetin you dey do like this?
Mike: Shut up.
Chika: After you rape am carry razor blade tear her breast.
Mike: Understood.

Mike laid on Aisha and removed her black pant as Chika held Aisha's hand.
Mike f.ucked Aisha with brute force, Aisha tried screaming but
immediately Chika asked a girl to close her mouth.

Mike f.ucked her so hard and blood rushed down from her p.ussy, Aisha
fainted a minute later but Mike kept banging her p.ussy until he cum
and poured his semen on her face.

Chika: Welldone Mike.
Mike: No shaking. So since she has fainted should I still injured her breast.
Chika: Hmm, sha. Just give her three cross for each breast.
Mike: Okay.

Mike took a razor blade and drew three crosses each on Aisha's breast,
the three crosses was a sign so that anyone would know that it was the
Ebony V.agina girls that were responsible.

Chika: Yes, make we go wound them.

The Fat Ass Girls and the Rugged Boys started retreating and running
away with their injured ones.

Miriam: Them dey run o, atleast I dun put lighter for five p.ussy.
Temi: Bad girl, we injure them well well.
Bisi: Even if them run, them go die plenty.

Wole who was injured on his head searched for Aisha and saw her lying
unconscious on the ground, he carried her and and staggered away with
the rest of his men.

The Fat Ass Girls and the Rugged Boys finally retreated and ran away.

The other lesbian groups and the boys invited to the party were
celebrating their victory until someone shouted that the police were
coming, so they all vanished immediately from the scene.

The person that alerted them that the police were on their way was the
security man, he had been paid to report just in case any police
officer or anybody suspicious was passing through the gate that night.

Meanwhile Officer Anayo and his subordinate Okoli arrived at the scene.

There were too many broken bottles and blood on the scene.

Anayo: Damn it, we came here too late.
Okoli: Yes. I wonder how they knew we were coming. Could it be that it
was the securityman?
Anayo: No, he was the one who told us the venue of the party and also
gave us the bicycles. We better report back to the station.

Suddenly they both heard a group charging toward their direction,
through the voices the two of them knew that they were many so they

The group of boys were organized by Mike to remove every evidence from
the scene and if possible eliminate the two police men.

Mike: Those mumu dun run, oya make una dey fast. Make una shine una eye well o.

The boys all started to remove every traces of evidence that the
lesbians were involved in the fight.


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