Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 7

This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.


If you missed the episode 6 of this story, please read it here


<< Seduction >>

Officer Anayo and his subordinate Okoli ran when they saw that a group
of people who were probably armed were closing in on them.

Anayo: Who do you think those people are?
Okoli: Maybe Man "O War.
Anayo: Or cultists. Whoever they were I'm sure they were ready to fight.
Okoli: You seem to know pretty much.
Anayo: Hmm, when I was in school I was a student activist. I faced
many threats from deadly cults but I survived because of my iron will
and quest for justice.
Okoli: Hmm, that's very good sir.
Anayo: Let's go to the police station.

(At The Ebony Vagina Girls Camp)

Chika: Girls we all did well today, this will serve as a lesson to
those who think they can beat the united lesbians. The groups might
have trouble with one another but we will always stand united to
defeat our common enemy.
Janet: Naxo, we knack them anyhow today.
Chika: Bisi I have an assignment for you.
Bisi: I'm ready Boss lady.
Chika: Mike told me that the police officers that wanted to interrupt
us was Officer Anayo and his subordinate.
Bisi: That man again?
Chika: You mission is to seduce him or his subordinate tonight, don't
let them f.uck your p.ussy. Your asshole is enough to make them shake.
Bisi: No shaking, but they should be on their way by now.
Chika: They are not that far, two cult groups will exchange fire very
soon. They will be caught in the middle, so go now and be careful.
Bisi: Yes boss lady.

(At The Fat Ass Girls Camp)

The Fat Ass Girls together with the Rugged Boys retreated to their camp.

Wole: Damn it, so it is the Ebony V.agina Girls that did this to
Aisha. I will deal with them! Let's take Aisha to the hospital.
Bola: No need, she dun die!
Wole: What? (Checks Aisha and confirmed she was dead) Damn! Aah! They
will pay for this.
Bola: Girls, make una no cry. As the second in command I am now the
leader, together we shall plan our next move.
Wole: Yes. We shall plan our next move.

Meanwhile Officer Anayo and Okoli were still on their way in the
campus, suddenly they heared movements and immediately there was an
exchange of fire between two groups.

They hid themselves in a place some cars were parked and Bisi was
coming from that direction.

Anayo: It must be a cult fight.
Okoli: Yes, let's call the station immediately.
Anayo: Yes.

Anayo called the policemen and informed them of the situation.

Anayo: We just have to wait here till our men come.
Okoli: (Hears footsteps) That's someone coming. Stay at alert Sir.

Bisi had saw them from a far distance as they ran there for cover.

Bisi: Hello.
Anayo: It's just a young lady. Young lady what are you doing here?
Bisi: When the gunshots started I saw you two run over here, the fight
will soon get here. So I wanted to take you people to somewhere safe.
Anayo: Okay, lead the way.

As Bisi led the way and the lights shone on her. The two men could see
that she was just wearing a pullover and a transparent underwear which
revealed her huge ass.
The two men got attention on their d.icks.

The sound of the gunshots came closer so the three of them ran to a
closer building which was opened by Bisi before she reached them. She
had kept a camera running in the room she was going to lead them.

They were the only one in the room she led them to and she locked it
from inside with Okoli as officer Anayo said he wanted to be checking
things from the front.

Bisi switched on the light and Okoli eye went straight to her p.ussy.

Bisi: Do you want to get busy before your boss gets here?
Okoli: (Full of lust) Yes.
Bisi: (She threw her panties and pullover away) Okay, you can play
with my boobs and asshole.

Okoli got naked immediately and kissed Bisi's boobs as she moaned and
carressed his head.

Bisi: Good boy, na lick me, be a good boy.
Okoli: Yea.

Bisi sat on a table in the room and spread her p.ussy wide as Okoli
licked it like a dog.

Bisi: (Moans) Yes, now dig in deeper with your tongue.

Okoli was so much into in, it had been a while since he had sex
because he had been sleeping in the station for a month because of a
very tough case.

He tongue f.ucked Bisi p.ussy so fast.

Bisi: (Moans) Aah, Aah, you are doing it. Come on, you are getting me there.

Okoli was happy as Bisi moaned so he increased the intensity, suddenly
there was a knock on the door.


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