POEM: Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time we were boys
Playing with our toys
Running around with our friends with no fear
Our thinking were limited as we didn't know what was near
Mama settled everything
Papa paid for everything
And we never lacked anything

We didn't care about the future
Nor did we bother about the right things to look for
Tomorrow is sunday and we are going to the church
The day after tomorrow is monday and we are going to prepare for our future

Daddy said we are going to be a man we didn't understand
Mummy said we are going to be a woman we didn't understand
We lived like the world was ours
Without worrying about what we achieved during the passing hours

All this happened once upon a time
Now we are faced with reality in our present time
I am now a man
And you are now a woman
Mummy and Daddy were right
We now have to select our paths right

Blesses To All The Good Mum And Dad
May You All Live Long And Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Labour.


© Team Clintonwrites.com

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