The Rape - Episode 12

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<< A New Game On The Way >>

It was 7 months now since Rose's funeral, things were pretty going
back to the way it was at Mr. Bassey's home.
It seem to everyone that the family had forgotten about getting
justice for Rose.

The truth was that the family hadn't lost hope on getting justice, it
was just that they had received threats from an unknown group that
their lives will be in danger if they try opening a case for Rose's

Mr. Bassey suspected that the anonymous group must be with Mr.
Ibrahim, he didn't want to lose any more of his family so he decided
to lay low till a golden opportunity comes.

Officer Titus who was investigating the rape case even after the
commisioner of police ordered he to release Charlie and his
accomplices was warned again by the commisioner not to dig into the
case anymore.

Officer Titus had no choice but to drop the case, he said if he had
lose the job there would be no means of taking care of his family.

When he told Mr. Bassey and Chika about it, they understood his
position and and thanked him for his help so far.

Mr. Ibrahim also wanted to make sure that neither the officer nor Mr.
Bassey was doing their own investigations in secrecy, so he sent some
men to follow them secretly to anywhere they went outside the house.

As months passed there were no signs of them carrying out their own
investigations so Mr. Ibrahim ordered his men to stop following them.

(At Mr. Ibrahim's Officer)

*7 months after Rose's funeral*

Mr. Ibrahim gathered Charlie and some of his men also involved in
other dirty deals.

Mr. Ibrahim: Good morning gentlemen. It has been 3 months since we all
gathered together like this, all of you have been carrying out
different tasks for the good of this company.
Now I have a new plan that will make this company grow more than Mr. Bassey's.
Charlie: Hmm, I hope this plan work.
Mr. Ibrahim: Ofcourse it will, are you worried about anything?
Charlie: Not really, it's just that the death of Rose and the headline
used for her case report didn't really bother Mr. Bassey. Look at his
company now, it has grown so large as if nothing ever happened to him.

Mr. Ibrahim: Oh I see, well you don't have to worry. This plan
wouldn't be involving him.
Charlie: Okay, but I suggest we kill Mr. Bassey.
Mr. Ibrahim: Oh, no no no. I want to see the expression on his face
when he sees that my company is greater than his.
Charlie: Okay. So what exactly is the plan?
Mr. Ibrahim: Hehehe. It's cocaine and marijuana business.
Charlie: Boss boss you too much jare. How do you intend to import the cocaine?
Mr. I brahim: I will.... (There was a knock on the door). Who's there?
Secretary: I am the one sir, the NAFDAC officials who are to inspect
our company have arrived.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, tell them to come in.
Secretary: Yes sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: You all can go for now, we shall meet tonight at X-Rank
hotel at 9pm.

Charlie and the rest of Mr. Ibrahim men left the office as the NAFDAC
officials came in shortly after.

(At Mr. Bassey's Office)

Mr. Bassey was inside his office with Frank.

Mr. Bassey: Hello Frank, it has been a while.
Frank: Yes sir.
Mr. Bassey: I hope you are doing well.
Frank: Very well sir, what about you and family?
Mr. Bassey: We are fine, let me offer you something.
Frank: I'm okay sir.
Mr. Bassey: Well, if you say so.
Frank: It has been a long time sir so I decided to drop by at your office.
Mr. Bassey: That's nice of you.
Frank: Thanks. I am now a NAFDAC official, I and my partner will be
visiting your company next week.
Mr. Bassey: Congrats Frank.
Frank: Thank you sir.
Mr. Bassey: But Frank, I thought you studied the same course as my daughter.
Frank: Yes, I did but at the same time I was doing part time training
about health and drugs. My skills were recognised so and I am here
Mr. Bassey: Good one, please don't join the corrupt officers.
Frank: I wouldn't sir.

They both talked for a while and Frank left the office.

That night Mr. Ibrahim and his men will meet at X-Rank hotel to
discuss their next plan of action to overtake Mr. Bassey's company.



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