The Rape - Episode 13

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<< A Hope For Justice >>

(9pm At X-Rank Hotel)

Mr. Ibrahim and his men gathered at X-Rank hotel as agreed by them.
They had a little feast and some n.ude ladies danced for them as they
watched to their satisfaction. They told the ladies to go when they
were just about to talk business.

The ladies left and the men took their places in the round table.

Mr. Ibrahim: Gentlemen, thank you all for making it here tonight.
Tonight our end result will give our company a high leap in the
business domain of this country.
Charlie: May I remind you sir, we are not gentlemen. Gentlemen don't
do dirty deeds like we do.
Mr. Ibrahim: Whatever, the law of nature says "if you are strong you
live, if you are weak you die". The strong shall devour the weak.
Charlie: Yes, we are strong so we shall live.
Mr. Ibrahim: Hmm, are you all ready to hear the real plan?
All: Yes.

Mr. Ibrahim: It is a partnership business, our company wouldn't be the
one to produce the cocaine and marijuana.
Adam: So who will?
Mr. Ibrahim: Good question, three Indonesians will do the job.
They will produce it and then we package it as our company beverage
product and then send to the buyers.
Charlie: Bravo! We have few problems.
Mr. Ibrahim: And they are?
Charlie: The police, NAFDAC, and NDLEA.
Mr. Ibrahim: I have a stronghold in the police of this state, but when
it comes to distributing to other states I think I have a plan.
Chairlie: Boss, you are always many steps ahead.
Mr. Ibrahim: Yes, many steps ahead in achieving our goal.
I will arrange for two police officers each in the trucks that will be
carrying the cocaine and marijuana.
As for NAFDAC I had a promising talk with a few high rank officers.
The Indonesians said they can take care of the NDLEA.
Adam: Bravo boss!
Mr. Ibrahim: Thank you, I will call you all back again when every
preparations have been made.
For now you should all enjoy yourselves with the ladies, we have a lot
of busy days ahead.

The meeting came to an end as the men all retired to their hotel rooms
with the ladies.

( Somewhere In America )

Lisa a friend of Rose who had been living in the U.S. for the past
four years was having a walk with her aunty Taiye.
Lisa is now a detective, she had solved many puzzles and all her
investigations so far was successful.
She's a fair girl with a normal height for someone at twentyfive.
She wore a jean pant with a top as they went for the walk.

Taiye: Lisa.
Lisa: Yea, Aunty.
Taiye: It seems to me that you don't miss Nigeria.
Lisa: I really do miss Nigeria, my friends especially the darling
Rose. It's just that I have my work here and I kind of only like doing
things related to my work.
Taiye: Hmm, I see. I think you have to visit your friends over there
someday, they must have missed you too.
Lisa: Sure.
Taiye: By the way Femi just returned from Nigeria, he must have some
news about your friends.
Lisa: I hope he does.

Aunty Taiye received a phone call.

Taiye: Lisa, it's Femi. He's at your house, he said he has an
important news about one of your friends back in Nigeria.
Lisa: Really? I got to go.
Taiye: I will go with you.

Lisa and Aunty Taiye returned to Lisa's house. They met Femi sitting
outside playing with Lisa's dog.

Lisa: Hey Femi.
Femi: Lisa.
Lisa: Why are you putting on a sad face? Aunty Taiye said you have an
important news about one of my friends back in Nigeria.
Femi: (Tries to put on a smile) Yea. It's about Rose.
Lisa: (Smiles) Wow, Rose darling? So what about her?
Femi: I'm sorry to say this, she's dead.
Lisa: (In shock) What? Rose? How?
Femi: I will tell you the details but let's get inside and have tea.
Lisa: (Cries) This can't be.
Taiye: Lisa, let's get in first.

Femi, Taiye and Lisa went to the living room and had some tea, Lisa
barely drank hers.

Femi told her everything as it happened.

Lisa: The police system in Nigeria must have decayed. Where are the
women rights activists in the country? I suspect that the family must
be under some kind of threat that's why they haven't made any move.
Taiye: I know you are feeling bad after hearing this, just relax
yourself my dear.
Lisa: (Smiles) There's a hope for justice.
Femi: What hope?
Lisa: I am the hope for justice. I shall make justice prevail and
everyone behind this will pay the price. I shall head to Nigeria next
Femi: Are you crazy? You are putting yourself in danger.
Lisa: I will be fine (walks to her room).

Aunty Taiye and Femi looked at each other.

Taiye: I will talk to her.


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