The Rape - Episode 14

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<< It's Almost Time For Showdown >>

( 4 days Later At NAFDAC's HeadQuarters )

Frank was coming back from his boss office at NAFDAC's head office
when two other high rank NAFDAC officials stopped him so they could
have a little talk.
They took him to the bar at the headquarters, the two officials were
Mr. Paul and Mr. Coker and they were the one's who visited Mr. Ibrahim
at his office. They stayed in the part of the bar where they were the
only ones there.

Frank was suprised at their gesture because those two officials never
talked to him except it was during general works, greetings and

Mr. Paul: What will you like us to offer you?
Frank: Nothing sir.
Mr. Paul: Really?
Mr. Coker: Well since you said so let's get down to business, we are
the only ones around in this part of the bar. So Frank, how will you
like working with us?
Frank: It will be a great opportunity sir.
Mr. Paul: It's quite different from the normal operations here, but
you will be paid well.
Frank: (Suspecting foul) What do you mean by different from the normal
operations here?
Mr. Paul: It's an external job.
Frank: Who is the client?
Mr. Coker: It's Mr. Ibrahim.....
Mr. Paul: Wait Coker, we shouldn't just rush it untill he accepts the offer.
Frank: Hmm, so what exactly are we going to be doing?
Mr. Paul: (looks around and then talked with a low tone) We are going
to be clearing banned goods like cocaine and we will get paid heavily.
Frank: What? I can't believe this.
Mr. Coker: Believe what?
Frank: You two are high ranked officials and you shouldn't be mixing
yourselves up with dirty businesses.
Mr. Paul: (Laughs) Hahaha, you are still a novice. You will make big
amount of money, you can buy many cars and houses. Just think about
Frank: Your requests are tempting but I will not give in. May I take my leave?
Mr. Coker: Before you leave, I must warn you. Don't ever tell anyone
what we discussed, remember we are high rank officials and we can set
you up. And also think about the offer.

Frank left furiously, he had vowed never to be part of any illegal
activities as a NAFDAC official.

( At Mr. Bassey's House)

Mr. Bassey and his family were at the sitting room watching Channels TV.

Akpan: Daddy I and Agbo will be in the university next year, wouldn't
be good if we both study the same course?
Mr. Bassey: If you both have interest for the same course then you can.
Akpan: Hmm, I thought you would say we shouldn't study the same course.
Mr. Bassey: No, not at all, everyone has to study what they have
interest in. If the both of you have interest in the same course then
it's fine.
Akpan: Okay, thanks.
Mr. Bassey: Akpan, why has Agbo been so quiet today?
Akpan: It's about the threat, he said we can't continue to live in
fear of an unknown gang.
Agbo: Yes Daddy. We need to speak up before we die in silence.
Mr. Bassey: I understand you my son but I don't want anything bad to
happen to anyone of you.
Agbo: I understand Dad, but I just can't bear it.
Chika: I and your father feel the same way just like you do, but we
just have to be careful. Your father don't want to put you two in
danger. One way or the other justice will prevail.
Agbo: I hope so mum.
Mr. Bassey: Now you two have to focus more on your education. The
right time will come and we shall act.
Agbo: Thanks Dad.

(At An Airport In Nigeria)

Lisa have arrived in Nigeria, she had taken two weeks leave and with
her expertise she believed she would be done by then.

She took a taxi and booked a hotel, from there she would find the
location of Rose parents.

Lisa: Now I'm in Nigeria, very soon justice will be served. Just wait......

Meanwhile Mr. Ibrahim have finalised every preparations and was set to
make a move in three days time.

Meanwhile, Frank was thinking about what Mr. Paul and Coker told him
and he remembered that they mentioned Mr. Ibrahim.

He suspected that it was the Mr. Ibrahim that was responsible for Rose
demise, so he made up his mind to tell Mr. Bassey about it the next
day as he and his partner would be heading there to inspect Mr.
Bassey's company.


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