The Rape - Episode 15

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<< An Angel From The Heavens >>

It was 9am the next day, that's two days remaining for Mr. Ibrahim to
carry out his plan.

Frank and his partner from NAFDAC had finished inspecting Mr. Bassey's
company and everything was okay.
After they were done, the two officials had a talk with Mr. Bassey.

Frank stayed back as his partner travelled back to headquarters to
give their report. Frank had taken a week leave.

He went back to Mr. Bassey's office and told him everything that Mr.
Paul and Coker said.

Mr. Bassey: So it's Mr. Ibrahim new plan huh?
Frank: I'm not certain if it is the same Mr. Ibrahim we know.
Mr. Bassey: It must be him, he sent an email to me last night that in
three days time that's the day after tomorrow that he has a new plan
that will make his company overshadow mine.
Frank: In three days time you say, we can involve the police and they
will be caught red handed.
Mr. Bassey: No, we shouldn't involve the police. Let him have his way.
Frank: But sir why?
Mr. Bassey: Remember I and my family still lives under a threat on our life.
Frank: Hmm, I remember. It's very bad, I wish I could do something but
the two officers have higher rank more than me.
Mr. Bassey: I understand, but in the end the good always win the evil.
Frank: Yes.
Mr. Bassey: Since you are on a week leave why don't you stay with us
tonight rather than in a hotel, the twins will be happy to have you
Frank: Hmm, I will accept the offer.
Mr. Bassey: Good, you can go there now. The twins are at home.
Frank: Okay sir.

Frank left and took a taxi down to Mr. Bassey's home. He met the twins
at home and they were very happy to see him.
Akpan: Uncle Frank welcome.
Frank: How are you two doing?
Akpan: We are doing fine sir.
Agbo: Uncle Frank you paid us a visit.
Frank: Yes, I will be staying here for the night.
Agbo: Wow, we can play PS together. I hope you are good at it.
Frank: Sure.
Akpan: Agbo let's go and get a room for him then we can play PS together later.
Agbo: Yes.

Akpan and Agbo left to prepare a room for Frank to stay.

Frank: They are really nice, oh Rose I wish you were still with us.

( At The Hotel Lisa Stayed )

Lisa was in a phone conversation with someone.

Lisa: Thank you very much, I really appreciate.
Caller: It's nothing Lisa, next time.
Lisa: Okay.

Lisa dropped her phone and smiled, she had gotten the address of Mr.
Bassey's home.
It was 3pm now and it was just a 3hours journey to get to the town
where Mr. Bassey and family lived.

Lisa: I must go over there tonight even if I get there in the dark.
It's worth it, let me start getting ready.

Lisa got ready for the journey and moved.

( The 18th hour at Mr. Bassey's home)

Mr. Bassey and his family with Frank had finished dinner and were both
having a conversation.

Agbo: Daddy I wish Frank could stay a little longer.
Mr. Bassey: Frank is a very busy man so he hadn't got all the time.
Maybe next time when he is very free he will visit for three days.
Frank: Yes, sure.
Agbo: Promise?
Frank: Yes, it's a promise.
Chika: Remember to fulfill your promise o.
Frank: I will ma'am.

They heard a knock on the door.

Chika: I will get the door.
Mr. Bassey: I wonder who it is.

Chika went over and opened the door.

Chika: Hello, who are you?
Lisa: I'm Detective Lisa, and an old friend of Rose.
Chika: Detective and and old friend of Rose, you are welcome. Come inside.

Chika led Lisa into the living room, everyone saw her and wondered
what a beautiful angel she was. And also who she was and what she was
doing there.

Chika: Hello every one, this is Detective Lisa. She said she's an old
friend of Rose.
Lisa: Hi.

They all greeted her.

Mr. Bassey: Detective Lisa you say, where are you from?
Lisa: I'm from Oyo but based in the U.S.
Mr. Bassey: Wow, that's nice. So to what do we owe the visit to?
Lisa: Actually, I'm here to make sure that justice is served
concerning my friend's death.

Everyone looked at each other.

Mr. Bassey: But....
Lisa: I know sir, your family must be under a threat but I will make
sure everything works out.
Mr. Bassey: How, how did you know?
Lisa: I have been through many cases before, so yours is easy to figure out.
Chika: You are very welcomed, let me go and get a room ready for you.
Lisa: No, don't mind. I have booked a hotel room already, I just
wanted to make sure that this was the right place.
Frank: We appreciate.
Lisa: It's okay, I will be on my way to the hotel now. I will here 7am
tomorrow's morning.
Agbo: Thank you aunty.
Lisa: Okay.

Lisa left and everyone in the room were so excited.

Chisa: She is truly an angel from the heavens.....


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