The Rape - Episode 16

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After Lisa left Mr. Bassey's house that night they were all in a mood
for jubilation.

Chika: At last, we are going to get justice.
Agbo: Justice mummy! Justice!
Mr. Bassey: Tomorrow we shall see what plan she got.
Frank: Yes, I wouldn't be leaving tomorrow anymore. I will help with
everything I got.
Akpan: Yes, we are going to get Justice at last.

(The Next Day At Mr. Ibrahim's Office)

Mr. Ibrahim was in a phone conversation with someone.

Mr. Ibrahim: Really?
Caller: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: Are you sure you told him the benefits?
Caller: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, you have to take someone else.
Caller: Okay, so tomorrow is the day.
Mr. Ibrahim: Yes, tomorrow is the day.

The person Mr. Ibrahim was talking to was Mr. Coker, he told Mr.
Ibrahim about Frank refusal of the offer.
Mr. Ibrahim told him to pick someone else.

The reason they choosed Frank was that they thought he would be more
efficient because of his skills.

Mr. Ibrahim: Very soon, I shall be at the top.

( At Mr. Bassey's Home)

Lisa had arrived in the morning as she promised and every member of
Mr. Bassey's family with Frank were all present at the living room.

Mr. Bassey told Lisa all the story so she would be well informed of every fact.

Lisa: Since you said the Mr. Ibrahim seem to have control over the
police in this state, I think you have to involve the DSS and explain
everything to them.
Mr. Bassey: The DSS, that had never came accross my mind. The question
is how can we catch those who sent the threat red handed.
Lisa: It's easy. Since they said that you shouldn't go to the police
station, it means they have someone there that will get them informed
and also another person following you.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, that's right.
Lisa: Now we have to catch the one following you.
Mr. Bassey: So what's the plan?
Lisa: You will have to go to the police station and tell them you want
to re open the case for the rape. Their inside man will probably alert
the other to start following you, while I myself will also be
following you and at the same time get to the one.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, that's a nice plan.
Lisa: First of all, you have to call the police from another state to
protect your household. With the police around they won't dare attack
your household.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, I will do that.
Lisa: Contact the DSS and ask for the police protection soon. And then
whenever you are ready you should inform me and together with the DSS
we will apprehend the one following you. Through him we shall get the
Mr. Bassey: Yes, so should I tell the police from the other state everything?
Lisa: It's better to go to the police headquarters. That would be better.
Frank: What about the cocaine and marijuana business I told you about
that Mr. Ibrahim will soon start?
Lisa: You will have to go to the police headquarters too. I also think
it will be good for you to work as our inside spy.
Frank: What do you mean by that?
Lisa: Contact the Mr. Paul and Coker, tell them you have changed your
mind. You have to do some acting even if it means doing things you
haven't done before.
Frank: Hmm, I will take the shot since that's going to help.
Lisa: Good, remember Mr. Bassey the police should start protecting
your family already before we shall make the move to catch the one
following you.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, I know.
Lisa: Alright, so what's the first thing to do.
Mr. Bassey: I and Frank will be heading to the headquarters now, we
don't have anytime to waste.
Lisa: That's the spirit.
Frank: And while we are coming back I will go to our headquarters and
inform Mr. Paul and Coker that I'm willing to be part of their deal.
Lisa: Okay.

Mr. Bassey and Frank left immediately for Abuja which was a 4 hours
journey from where they were.

Back at home Lisa was with Chika and the twins.

Agbo: Aunty Lisa how did you get to know my sister?
Lisa: We schooled together.
Agbo: Really? So which class the the both of you first lost contacts?
Lisa: That was after JSS3, I relocated to another state.
Agbo: Okay, I hope everything turns out well.
Lisa: Don't worry, everything will be fine.


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