The Rape - Episode 17

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<< The Plan Is On >>

Mr. Bassey and Frank were done reporting the case at the police
headquarters, immediately many mobile policemen were deployed to
protect Mr. Bassey household.

When they were through at the police headquarters Mr. Bassey was on
his way back to the town while while Frank went back to the NAFDAC

He met with Mr. Paul and Coker on the stairway and excused them for a
talk, he told them he wanted to be a part of team after hearing all
the benefits he would enjoy.

Mr. Paul: So you are now back to your senses.
Frank: Yes, I will work hard as we change our life for the better.
Mr. Coker: You came early, I was on my way to look for someone else
but it is very good to have someone as skilled as you on the team.
Frank: Thank you.
Mr. Paul: Now, we shall be going to Mr. Ibrahim's company and then the
real operation will start tomorrow. You can use the money you get to
do anything, you made a very wise decision.
Frank: Thank you very much sir for giving me this rare opportunity, I
will forever be grateful to the two of you.
Mr. Coker: It's nothing, we just like helping out young men like you.
It's not a big deal.
Mr. Paul: Let's leave for Mr. Ibrahim company now.
Frank: Yes sir.

The three of them all left for Mr. Ibrahim's company.

Meanwhile Mr. Bassey had returned home, he greeted the policemen on
duty and went inside. Lisa, Chika and the twins were waiting for him.

Lisa: Welcome back sir.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you my dear.
Lisa: So step one has been done, we will now have to lure out the one
following you tomorrow so you can rest for the day.
Mr. Bassey: Thank you, have you heard anything from Frank?
Lisa: Yea, he just emailed me that he was on his way with Mr. Paul and
Coker to Mr. Ibrahim's company.
Mr. Bassey: Good, he's doing fine.
Lisa: Yes sir.
Mr. Bassey: Why don't I visit the police station this evening so that
by tomorrow we will lure out the one following me.
Lisa: Yes, that's good but you need to rest.
Mr. Bassey: I won't rest till we are done with this case.
Lisa: Okay, you can go but I will follow you secretly tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Agbo: Daddy is full of energy today.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, that's it my boy.

Mr. Bassey left for the police station.

Mr. Paul and Coker with Frank have arrived at Mr. Ibrahim's company.
The duo had told Mr. Ibrahim that Frank had finally decided to join them.

Mr. Ibrahim: So youngman you have decided to join us.
Frank: Yes sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Good, it is the dream of everyone to live a luxorious life.
We shall all meet tonight at the X-Rank hotel.
Mr. Paul: Yes.

Mr. Coker and Frank went outside while Mr. Paul was with Mr. Ibrahim inside.

Mr. Ibrahim: What do you think made the young man to change his mind?
Mr. Paul: Since he came at the last minute I think he must have
thought about it for a while.
Mr. Ibrahim: I see, so it is the quest for everyone to leave a better life.
Mr. Paul: Yes.
Mr. Ibrahim: No problem, we shall meet at the X-Rank hotel at 9pm
again tonight.

(At Mr. Bassey's Home 6pm)

Mr. Bassey had just returned from the police station.

Lisa: It took you a while sir.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, there was a new officer there and he was kind of
making things hard when I stated my mission there.
Lisa: You mean he was behaving cool until you told him why you were there?
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Lisa: That sounds suspicious, I think we will catch the person that
would be sent to watch you tomorrow.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Lisa: Just tomorrow and we shall take a huge step in our fight for justice.

( 9pm At X-Rank Hotel )

Mr. Ibrahim and his men together with the NAFDAC official were all
present in the meeting room.

Mr. Ibrahim: Welcome gentlemen, tomorrow our lives is going to change
for the good.
Charlie: Yes boss.
Mr. Ibrahim: Before we start I will take care of another issue first.
Mr. Bassey is trying to re-open the rape case of his daughter. I shall
send Boyo to start following him.
Boyo: It's my pleasure sir.
Mr. Ibrahim: Now let's get down to business.


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