The Rape - Episode 18

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<< Operation Takeover >>

During the meeting at X-Rank hotel Mr. Ibrahim told Boyo to start
following Mr. Bassey, and after that he decided that they continue
with their main purpose of meeting.

Mr. Ibrahim: So gentlemen I'm glad to inform you all that everything
has been done for our upliftment. Tomorrow our special operation
begins, I have selected the most trusted policemen in the state. And
the three NAFDAC officials here will take care of anything relating to
Frank: Shouldn't our operation have a code name?
Mr. Ibrahim: Hmm, a code name you say. Someone should suggest.
Charles: Operation Takeover.
Mr. Ibrahim: Well we are taking over the business sphere, so I like the name.

They discussed for a while and closed for the night with every one of
them retiring to their hotel rooms with some hot babes.

( 9am The Next Day )

Boyo was lying in wait for Mr. Bassey to drive out, he noticed that
some policemen were inside Mr. Bassey's compound but he didn't bother
to call Mr. Ibrahim since he had control over the police in the state.

Meanwhile Lisa was with Mr. Bassey in his sitting room.

Mr. Bassey: So today is the day.
Lisa: Yes, we are going take a huge step today.
Frank said Mr. Ibrahim Operation Takeover kicks off today at 4pm. If
we are lucky and the suspect that we will catch cooperate then we can
achieve two things today. We can arrest Mr. Ibrahim and his
Mr. Bassey: Really? Can that be acheive today before they start their operation?
Lisa: Yes.
Mr. Bassey: There's no time to waste, let's begin already.
Lisa: Okay, remember you will have to stop twice on your way to the
police station.
Mr. Bassey: Yes.
Lisa: I and the DSS agents will camouflag ourselves among the
civilians, some of the DSS agents will act as okada riders.
Mr. Bassey: Got that.
Lisa: Okay, go now. I will come after you in two minutes time and I
will also alert the others who are already in their positions.
Mr. Bassey: Okay, off I go.

Mr. Bassey left and Lisa alerted the DSS agents that it was time.

When Mr. Bassey rode out with his car, Boyo decided to follow him so
he called an okada man.
That was the worst mistake Boyo made, the okada man he called was a DSS agent.

Boyo: Hello, Okada man follow that car for me.
Okada Man: Okay.

The DSS agent didn't waste any time he immediately signalled the
policemen guarding Mr. Bassey home.

The policemen pretended that they were arresting both the Okada man and Boyo.
The policemen immediately rushed in and the DSS agent knocked out Boyo
from behind.
They immediately dragged him inside Mr. Bassey's house for interrogation.

Lisa who was about to go out was suprised when he saw the DSS agent
and the policemen draging an unknown man.

Lisa: Who is this?
DSS Agent: A suspect.
Lisa: So quick? How did you conclude?
DSS Agent: He asked me to follow Mr. Bassey.
Lisa: Good, we have to interrogate him immediately.

They immediately carried Boyo to an empty room in Mr. Bassey's house
for interrogation.
Lisa also called Mr. Bassey to inform him of the latest update.

(At The Interrogation Room)

The policemen poured water on Boyo and he regained consciousness.

Boyo: Where am I?
DSS Agent: We will tell you after you have answered our questions.
Boyo: Are you a policeman or a kidnapper?
DSS Agent: I am a policeman.
Boyo: (Laughs) Then I don't need to worry, my boss owns the police in
this state.
DSS Agent: Badnews for you, we are from the headquarters.
Boyo: (Shocked) What!
Lisa: You heard him right, so you just have to cooperate with us and
you maybe lucky.

Boyo was afraid because Mr. Ibrahim had warned them not to mess with
the police from other states and headquarters because he wouldn't be
able to help them, so Boyo only option was to cooperate with them.

Boyo: Please I don't want to go to jail, I will cooperate.
Lisa: Who sent you to follow Mr. Bassey and why?
Boyo: (In fear) It was Mr. Ibrahim, he didn't want Mr. Bassey to
re-open his daughter's rape case.
Lisa: Why didn't he want Mr. Bassey to reopen the case?
Boyo: It's because he (Mr. Ibrahim) planned the rape.
Lisa: Hmm. And is it also true that he is planning to distribute
cocaine and marijuana today at 4pm?
Boyo: Yes.
DSS Agent: I think that's all the confession we need for now,
everything you said have been recorded. So you will take us to where
Mr. Ibrahim is, we are going to burst him.
Boyo: Please pity me sir.
DSS Agent: Shut Up! Move!

They dragged Boyo into the van and many policemen, DSS agents and Lisa
headed to burst Mr. Ibrahim.


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