The Rape - Episode 19 (The End)

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Many DSS agents, policemen and Lisa drove off to the location Mr.
Bassey was through Boyo's direction.
Lisa had flashed Frank to make sure he was the one with his phone and
when Frank called her back she told him to expect a message, she then
texted Frank to take an excuse so he will not be in the premises when
the arrest will take place.

Mr. Ibrahim and the rest were in an open field in his company, when he
saw the DSS agents and policeme drive in he thought they were from the
state so he told the others to relax.

Mr. Ibrahim: Hello gentlemen, how can I help you.
Officer 1: We are policemen from headquarters, we are here to take you
in for questioning.
Mr. Ibrahim: Headquarters?

The policemen and DSS agents didn't reply Mr. Ibrahim, they
immediately bundled he and his gang into a van. Other officers went to
take evidence as Boyo showed them where the banned products were being

Mr. Bassey, his family, Frank and Lisa were very happy after the
arrest was made.

Lisa: Finally justice shall be served.
Mr. Bassey: Yes, it's all thanks to you.
Chika: You are an angel.
Agbo: Yes, an angel from the heavens.
Akpan: Sent by God himself.
Frank: To serve justice.
Lisa: Hmm, thank you all.

The evidence implicating Mr. Ibrahim and his gang were so overwhelming
that there was no escape route for them.

Mr. Ibrahim: Chai, so this is how I will end?
Charlie: It's all your fault, we should have killed the whole family a
long time ago.
Mr. Ibrahim: Shut up!
Charlie: I won't shut up, we are all equal in this prison.
Mr. Ibrahim: Okay, is that so? No problem.
Mr. Coker: Damn it, I never thought that Frank would be a spy for the police.
Mr. Paul: Yes, just in a second everything we have worked for in life
has vanished.
Mr. Coker: Oh, this is bullshit. I'm sure he's going to get promoted
for this. What a snake.
Boyo: Oga Ibrahim na like this you take spoil my life so. I no wan die
like this o or go life imprisonment.

Their cases were judged within a month. Lisa had gone back to the U.S
but she returned to witness the final judgement.

Mr. Ibrahim, Charlie with his four men gang were all sentenced to
death by hanging.
Mr. Paul and Coker were both sentenced to 27 years imprisonment.
Boyo was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

The rest also were given their sentence based on their involment but
Boyo's sentence was the lowest.

Boyo: Thank God that's it's only 7 years, I'm 26. I can start life again at 33.

After the judgement Lisa had to go back to the U.S the next day. Mr.
Bassey's family and Frank were at the airport to see her off.
Chika was shedding tears of joy.

Lisa: Mama why are you crying?
Chika: It's tears of joy. I don't know how to thank you or repay your kindness.
Lisa: You don't have to repay me, Rose was my darling friend. So I had
to make sure justice was served.
Chika: Thank you very much.
Mr. Bassey: Hmm, thank you very much Lisa. I don't know how many thank
you I have to give to you.
Lisa: You really don't have to worry about anything.
Agbo: Aunty please visit us when you have the chance.
Akpan: Yea, you should visit us.
Lisa: Sure. I will.
Frank: You better keep that promise because I hope to see you again.
Lisa: You will.

They all hugged Lisa and she then went over to board her flight with a
smile on her face.

Lisa: At last, justice has been served. Rose I know you would be happy
wherever you are now. You were such a darling.

The judgement given to Mr. Ibrahim and his men were carried out with
immediate effect.

Rose's family visited her grave.

Chika: My daughter rest well now, all your enemies are being punished
by their evil deeds.
Mr. Bassey: My daughter, you got justice at last. All thanks to your
dear friend Lisa.
We all love you.
Akpan: Sis I really don't have much to say, but I promise to live a good live.
Agbo: Yes Sis, just like Akpan said. I also promise to live a good and
happy life. Next year we are both going to the university. We love you
sister. Rest In Peace.

The family drove back home with smiles on their faces.

Frank was promoted a week after the judgement.


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