Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 12)

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<< The Cursed Tribe >>

I hope you guys remembered when I said the next episode of this season
is going to be about the Cursed Tribe.
I'm fulfilling my promise fans, I'm also sorry for the long delay.

The history of the cursed tribe dates back to five centuries ago.
When witches, dwarfs and humans lived together in harmony.

During the time of peace there was a rule, the rule was broken and
that was what lead to the existence of the cursed tribe.

The rule was that no human was to marry a witch, it was a rule made by
the witches and wizards and also agreed by every other kings in other

Ancient Asia was still in existence during those time of peace and
harmony. The law was respected untill five centuries ago.

A human warrior named Adamu fell in love with a witch called Risikat.
Their love affair was kept a secret until three months later when
Risikat became pregnant.

The witches were angered when the news got to them, they held a
meeting which all the kings attended.

Meanwhile, while the meeting was being held Adamu and Risikat fled to
Ancient Asia.

They fled to a monastry owned by a monk named Izu, the monk knew what
happened and vowed to save them. Asia had no king five centuries ago.

At the meeting held by the witches and the world kings it was agreed
that Adamu and Risikat should both be eliminated.

Witches, dwarfs and humans went over to Ancient Asia and demanded they
bring Adamu out for them but Izu said he would protect them with his
own life.
People all over Ancient Asia also agreed with Izu saying that Adamu
and Risikat lives shouldn't be taken because it was love that bonded
them together.

All the world forces invaded Asia and almost wiped every living being in it.
Risikat saw that there was no way they could prevail, so she used her
magic to create a barrier near the kingdom of Alimadu and Oduduwa.
She escaped with Adamu and some of the monks into the land she created
the barrier.

The witches tried their best to find the barrier but they couldn't,
because it was as if no barrier ever existed. In fact it was the way
Risikat made the barrier to be using almost all her powers.

After the witches failed attempts to find the barrier they returned
back to their separate kingdoms.
The witches kingdom were 7, the great 7 kingdom of the witches shared
by them and the few wizards!

Back into the land separated from the rest of the world Risikat gave
birth to triplets, a boy and two girls.

Many years passed by and the children grew powerful with the power of
the great dragon Ekwensu deep inside of them.
Adamu's son married his two sisters so that they can grow and fill the land.

It wasn't until the dragon sword went missing and appeared at the
Cursed Tribe did the witches called an emergency meeting, the sword
was the greatest of all swords.

The witches panicked at the meeting, their fears were confirmed. The
head witch knew that the sword was inside the barrier because it
couldn't be found anywhere.

Head Witch: Damn that Adamu and Risikat! Their descendants shall be
called the Curse Tribe! A human caused this, so therefore from today
we are enemies with the humans.

From that day the witches became enemies with the human race.

Deep within the witch kingdom were a minority group called the white
witches, they were witches which don't practise dark arts. They fled
the 7 kingdoms of the witches after the Head witch declared humans
their enemies.

Centuries passed and the cursed tribe grew so large and they were now
grouped family by family, their history was passed down from
generation to generation.

Meanwhile humans and witches had problems leading to little fights but
the fight escalated 25 years ago, the dwarfs were almost in extinction
with just 17 of them alive because the witches massacred them all.

The cursed tribe had already sent someone "Abdulrasaq" to help the
humans win the war. Abdulrasaq with the dragon flame blade and also
with the help of his new found friend the great wizard Emeka ended the
great war!

Abdulrasaq decided to live permanently with the rest of the world, but
he made his whearabouts unknown five years after the war.

This is just the brief history of the Cursed Tribe.
Expect the next episode as the story continues.


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