Interview: There Is No WitchCraft In Edo State - Festus

News about Edo state having the highest number of witch related issues
is not new in Nigeria.

Team decided to interview two citizens of Edo State
to learn the truth about the rumours.

During the course of the interview session, the two of them had
contrasting views about witchcraft in the state.

After Team met Joshua from Uzebba area of Edo state,
they exchanged greetings and the interview session began.

CW: Is there witchcraft in Edo State?

Joshua: Yeah there's alot of witchcraft.

CW: Have you had any personal experience?

Joshua: Not that much, but they are everywhere, destroying and causing
more accident, miscarriages, killing the youths.

CW: Please can you tell us one of your personal encounter with witchcraft?

Joshua: Hmmm! Yes a bit. I remember at night they do fly like birds..
Perch on our roof. They start crying. It's really scaring.

CW: I meant, have you been attacked by witchcraft?

Joshua: No not all!

CW: If you haven't had any personal encounter, what made you so sure
that witches exists in Edo State?

Joshua: Comon! I have seen things, a lot of them have been confessing here.

CW: Okay. Were you present during the confessions?

Joshua: Yes ofcourse!

CW: How many times?

Joshua: Time without number.

CW: Okay, thank you for your time Mr. Joshua.

Joshua: You are welcome.

We moved on to Mr. Festus from Ibore,
Esan central.

After the normal greetings, the interview started.

CW: Hello sir, there have been rumours of the strong presence of
witchcraft in Edo state. What is your take on this?

Festus: Thanks for the question, well due to my view point based on
this; I don't think Edo state should be the right state to lambast
irrespective of your question.
I have been in edo state for a couple of years now, I have not come
accross such (witchcraft ) although, have heard of it, therefore I
disagree with that sir [There is no witchcraft in Edo State].

CW: Okay, Have any of your relations complained about being attacked
by witchcraft?

Festus: Yeah. .. precisely a nightmare (dream).

CW: Okay. Going far from Edo, do you believe that witchcraft exists?

Festus: Yeah... I think so, I have heard a lot about the yoruba's.

CW: Okay, thanks for your time.

Festus: (Grins) Thanks for the interview.

Taking a look at their responses:

Mr. Joshua believes that witchcraft exists in Edo state though he
hadn't had any personal encounter, he based his believe on witnessing

While Mr. Festus from Ibore, Esan central said bodly that in his
lifetime in Edo State he hadn't experienced any sort of witchcraft.
Thus believing that there is no witchcraft in the state.

The only thing strange about Mr. Festus response is that he thinks
that witchcraft exists in the Yoruba kingdom and boldly insists that
none exists in Edo state.

What is your take on this interview?
Do you believe in witchcraft?

Let's know via the comment box below.

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