Must Read: Claiming Perfection Leads To Limitation

As the picture above says, one can never reach perfection but can
catch excellence.

Claiming to be a perfect someone is just the beginning of you limiting

When one says one is perfection one leaves no room for improvement,
claiming to be perfect prevents you from growing.

Claiming to be perfect prevents you from being successful and would
make you not to forge ahead and not to reach the zenith point in your
fied of expertise.

How can one grow to the apex point of his field when one is okay with
one's present condition?

What makes people to succeed in life is that they say the truth to
themselves that no one can reach perfection, people who know they have
limitations will work harder to reach the zenith point in their

Imagine if after the first telephone was made and everyone said it was
perfect, we wouldn't be using smartphones today.
It was because intelligent minds who knew that nothing was perfect
kept on working hard that the new model of phones we are using now

If we were using the first model of telephone, would we have been able
to text messages to family and friends around the globe? No!

If also medical experts stopped their research after they developed
the first vaccines for some diseases, would we have had higher life
expectancy? No!

It was because the medical experts kept on researching that's why we
have new drugs that cures new diseases.

Also engineers and other experts in other fields kept on researching
on their various fieds, and because of that we are living a good and
comfortable life.

Claiming to be perfect will only lead to limitation in whavever you
claim to be perfect on, and you will never grow except you remove the
idea of perfection in your mind.

There is always room for improvement and you can grow further to the
zenith point if you tell the truth to yourself that you aren't

Claiming perfection only leads to limitation, wake up from that your
dream of perfection. Face reality and watch yourself as you have a
positive growth in your life!

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