Must Read: The Effects Of Insecurity In The Nigerian Education Sector And The Nation

Students need a healthy and secured environment in order to
concentrate and assimilate what they are being taught or what they are

In the absence of a secured environment an insecured environment is
being created.

Nigeria is a country with problems of insecurity nationwide that our
education sector is being affected.

Insecurity causes restiveness, and when one is not calm, one cannot
It is only when one concentrates that one would be able to understand
and assimilate what one is studying.

It's bad for a student to be reading and at the same time being also
afraid because of insecurity.

Just today I was reading and the town was on fire, gunmen were causing
mayhem around.
People were running helter-skelter, at that moment I couldn't
concentrate because I had to make sure that I was safe.

Mind you this was not the first time this have happened, it has been
this way in my town and the neigbouring ones for the past three years.

For the past three years the government haven't solved the problem,
because of this I and other students no longer study at night.

The town is a dangerous place 24/7.
Students instead of concentrating on their study are now making sure
that they are safe even inside their houses.

I believe and I know that the problem of insecurity is not only around
my local environment but nationwide.

It is all over the news, the fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram, militant
groups and many other unreported ones.

Let's take Benue state as a case study;
since many villages and towns have been razed down by the fulani
herdsmen, what would be of the students whose homes and schools have
been burnt?

What becomes of the students?
90% if not 95% of them will stop going to school immediately, they
will start loitering the streets because their source of livelihood
and education had been taken away from them.

Before you know it, many have joined bad gang.

All this will cause a drop in the standard of educational output in Nigeria.

Like we all know everything starts from the grassroot, in the future
if the problem of insecurity is not solved in the country our
educational sector will collapse as well as other sister sectors.

Below are the few effects of insecurity in our education sector and
the country.

1. Reduction Of Nigeria Educational Output:

Since many students minds are not longer at rest and some driven away
from their homes, in the long term they will lose interest in
education because their safety at study centres/schools are not

2. Graduation Of Half-Baked Students:

By half-baked students I mean students which haven't goten all the
basic requirement of graduating.
Many half-baked students will graduate because they were making sure
they were safe and at the same time trying to concentrate with their

3. Collapse Of The Nation:

Education brings the future leaders of a nation. When educated people
are not in a country the country will become self destructive.

4. Re-Colonization Of Nigeria:

When the country educational sector is in ruins and the country is at
the verge of collapsing, there would be no choice but for the country
to massively import expatriates in all sectors..
In the long run we will turn to the world powers for help and they
will dictate whatever that is going to happen in our nation.

Those are the above mentioned effects of insecurity in the Nigerian
education sector and the nation.

I am using this medium to tell the president of the federal republic
of Nigeria his Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari and the COAS
Tukur Buratai to solve all the insecurity problems we have in this

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