Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 8

This Story Is Only Meant For 18years And Above, It Contain Vulgar
Words And Mostly S.ex Scenes.
It Is Written In The Nigerian Pidgin And The English Language.

If you missed the episode 7 of this story, please read it here


<< Bisi's Hot Sex With Two Policemen >>

Mr. Okoli head was buried in Bisi's leg as he licked her p.ussy when
they heard a knock on the door.
Mr. Okoli was reluctant to leave the meat in between Bisi's leg so he
didn't answer at first, then someone banged the door.

Okoli: Who's that?
Anayo: It is me Anayo.

It was officer Anayo, he had gone out to check when the police men
from the station would arrive, he had waited for a while and there was
no sign of them coming.

The two opposing cult groups were approaching closer to where he was,
he had no choice but to go back to the room where Bisi and Okoli were.

Bisi: Don't worry, I will take care of him.

Bisi went over to door and opened it (she was naked).

Officer Anayo quickly entered the room and she locked the door.

Officer Anayo bent down and was panting so fast, he looked up and saw
his subordinate Okoli just with his shorts.

Bisi walked up to him before he could say anything, he was so suprised
as he saw Bisi hug him while naked. He was immediately filled with
lust as Bisi held his d.ick while he was still in uniform.

Officer Anayo kissed Bisi so hard as Okoli watched feeling suprised
and happy at the same time.

Bisi took off officer Anayo clothes as she sucked his d.ick while the
officer enjoyed it and pulled her to suck it faster.

Officer Anayo felt he would soon pour so he told Bisi to bend over as
he fisted her pussy.

Bisi: Yes baby, that's how it's done.

Bisi lied on the floor as Anayo fisted her p.ussy. Okoli bent down on
Bisi's face as she sucked his d.ick so hard.

"This is going to be a wonderful threesome", Bisi said.

Anayo: Yea baby, you are going to enjoy it.
Bisi: I need your d.icks in my ass hole and p.ussy. Come on! Put your
f.ucking d.icks in my holes.

Okoli: I got your p.ussy baby.
Anayo: And I got your ass hole.

Officer Anayo laid on the floor and carried Bisi down, he inserted his
d.ick inside Bisi's asshole with her legs wide open.
Okoli bent down and thrusted his d.ick into Bisi's p.ussy.

Bisi: Awww, yea.

Officer Anayo and Okoli both fired up and fucked Bisi so fast.

Bisi: Ouch, oh yea baby. Oh yea baby. Ahh, don't stop, don't stop.
Okoli: Your p.ussy is damn sweet, (fucking faster) I love it. Yea, I love it.
Bisi: Goooood, ahhh. Oh goooood, oh gooood.
Anayo: Yea, your asshole is really tight.

They both f.ucked Bisi till they got tired in that position.

Bisi bent down in the doggy style and Anayo penetrated from behind. He
took her hands leaving her to his mercy as he f.uck her asshole.

Bisi moaned and little tears dropped down from her eyes.

Bisi: You are pretty good, don't stop. Keep going baby.

Officer Anayo f.ucked her asshole till Okoli came over.
Okoli made Bisi kneel down and he insert his big black cock inside her
mouth, he mouth f.ucked her for some time and she coughed.

Okoli: I'm going to cum in your ass hole.
Bisi: Yea, pour your milk into my ass hole.

Bisi bent again to the doggy positions, as Okoli inserted his black
cock down her asshole.

Bisi: Yea, it's in place now.
Okoli: Get ready for a super cum baby.

Okoli f.ucked Bisi's ass for a minute and poured his warm semen into
her ass hole.

Okoli: Ahh, it's down there baby. Ahh!
Bisi: I love it baby.

Okoli shaked his and poured the remaining semen on Bisi's back.

Anayo: It's my turn now baby, I will spray my cum on your p.ussy.
Bisi: No, pour inside.
Anayo: (full of lust) Okay, if that's what you want.

Bisi laid on her back as officer Anayo penetrated her p.ussy.

Bisi: Ahh, it's so tight.
Anayo: You like it baby?
Bisi: Yea.

Officer Anayo f.ucked Bisi very hard and the put of them moaned loudly
and cum at the same time.

Bisi: Ahh, I love this.
Anayo: Meet too (Shakes his d.ick and poured the remaining semen on
Bisi's belly).

Bisi: We are done baby, I love this.
Anayo: This is not going to be the last time.
Okoli: Me too.

They both wrote their names and number on a piece of paper and gave
Bisi together with some cash.

Bisi: I will give you guys a call.
Anayo: We will be expecting it.

By the time they were done f.ucking the gunshots had already stopped.

The trio cleaned themselves up, and left the room. Bisi was the last
to leave the room as they waited to take her phone which have been
video recording them.

The two policemen spanked Bisi on her ass and they bid farewell while
expecting Bisi's call.

Bisi smiled!


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