POEM: Pain And Sorrow

This is a must read poem.

From childhood to adulthood I did felt pain and sorrow
All around the world tooth gnashing
Tears flowing
Children keeps crying
And the adults so depressed.

Left and right there is sadness
The only thing spreading fast is the madness
Growing day by day non stop
It's in the earth and in the sky.

Where should I go?
To left where nothing is right?
Or to the right where nothing is left?
I want to make a decision
I want to be free
I don't want pains and sorrows.

People depressed
Many making decisions in duress
Many walking along the street in tattered dresses
Many hopes so down like a fallen breast.

Pain and sorrow
From childhood to adulthood
I'm sick and tire
Feeling down ontop of a hill
A lion feeling like a zebra

This world is full of pains and sorrows
Many are dying in silence
They cry in their minds and break down
Down in sickness or depression
No love around them
Just pains and sorrows
And the privileged don't give a damn.

I pray hope come to the depressed soon
I pray the the world will one day be sane
I pray there will be no more pains and sorrows
Let hope shine and everyone live a good and happy life.

I know there are many people out there feeling so depressed and down,
many filled with pain and sorrow.
Some from birth and others a point in their life, I sympathise with your all.
Just keep your hopes high and try your best to live a happy life.


The explanation of this poem will soon be published at a later date,
it might not be similar headings but you will know when you see it.

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