The Pain In This World: Humans Should Help One Another

Remember when I said I was going to write a post about the poem "Pain
and Sorrow"
, here it is.

The world we live in have both good and bad sides. You may be enjoying
the good side of life and haven't noticed that there is a bad side
until something happens to you.

There are many people experiencing pain and sorrow, depression and doubt.
You may not be among them but that doesn't mean you should forget such
people exists.

Some of them started experiencing pains as soon as they were given
birth to, others were just living normal lives just like you and at a
point in their lives the ugly side of life faced them.

Pain, sorrow, depression can be caused by many things such as
diseases, war and many others.

Millions of humans worldwide are in deep pains, some cry all day due
to the situation they are.
Many beg for bread before they could eat.
Many are on life support begging for life.
Many are considering suicide thoughts because of their situation.
Many worlds have fell apart.
And millions of this people have almost given up hope and some of them
looking at the brighter side of life.

We are all humans, we must learn to support those in pains or sorrow
or depression.
We must show them the bright part of this life.
We must give them hope and strength to overcome their difficulties.

We must be their eyes, if they can't see.
We must be their legs if they can't walk.
We must be their ears if they can't hear..

Only we humans can make the planet a better place for everyone.
We need to be optimistic always no matter the situation.

Sometimes pain, sorrow and depression doesn't on the face, some people
might be hurt deep down in their hearts but you see them smiling.
That's why you need to make friends, intaract with people because you
could be saving their lives by just spending time with them and making
them to laugh.
Also visit those in the sick bed and give them hope, make them see
that life has a good side and believe me you are giving them something
of great value.
Talk to the depressed and those who think they have lost everything in
life, make them happy so they can appreciate the best side of life.

Humans Let's Help One Another To Make The World A Better Place!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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