18 Years Of Democracy: What Have Nigeria Achieved So Far?

Happy Independence Day my fellow Nigerians.
Today, the 29th of May 2017 marks the 18th year of Democracy in Nigeria.
It is a remembrance of how we left Military rule and embraced
Democracy which is the government of the people by the people and for
the people.

Ever since we embraced Democracy we were assured of our fundamental
human rights which were not given to us during the military regime.
We choosed our leaders via voting as it is common in a democratic government.

We expected the country to move forward as we the people were given
the power to elect and remove leaders.

Nigerians had high hopes for the country after we embraced democracy,
because we could bend the government to our will since we have the
freedom of speech, freedom of expression among other human rights.

The question now is, how far has Nigeria gone since Democracy?
Where are the expected development?
Were the expectation of millions of Nigerians realised?
Did we have a new Nigeria?

These questions beg for answers.

We cannot deny the fact that we actually are enjoying some of the
goodies democracy has to offer like the freedom of expression.
Back in the military regimes people were afraid to criticise the
government of the day on the pages of a newspaper, because they know
what's next.
This has changed in the democratic government as more people are
coming out to express their opinions online and on the pages of a
Thus, the government officials have been put in check as they are
careful not to expose the ill dealings to the public because the media
is watching.
Many institutions have also arised as a result of Democracy.
Well, we are are enjoying some of the benefits of democracy. Benefits
that were not there in the military era.

Though Nigerians have freedom of expression and other fundamental
human rights, how far are these rights respected?
Looking at the Nigeria of today, the statement is clear.
It is "Freedom of speech I assure you but freedom after speech I can't
assure you".

In the present day Nigeria the fundamental human rights are not fully
respected though we are said to be in a democratic setting.

It is the same Police whose duty is to protect you that would want to
kill you though you are innocent, just because you didn't give them
the golden handshake.
If you are a Nigerian you surely understand what the golden handshake means.

Even the Army sometimes abuse their powers, it can be seen by their
attitude toward the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

Recently a female soldier brutalised a policewoman and the other
soldiers dealt with the person taking photos/video of the fight.

The above are just few of the excesses of our armed forces.

Now to the big question; how far has Nigerian gone since democracy?
Are we progressing or are we retrogressing?

Sincerely, if you ask me Nigeria hasn't gone far at all.
Nigeria even with its status as the giant of Africa is lacking behind
in almost every aspect.

Those we elected to represent the interest of the masses at national,
state and local levels are actually rogues!

From 1999 till date the situation in Nigeria has been going from bad to worse.
Every new government in Nigeria has always been more worse than the
one before it.
It's like we Nigerians have been jumping from frying pan to fire. This
is evident as every new government always have little or nothing to
offer at the table and the worst is the present government

The present government is a pseudo -democratic government, it claims
to be democratic but the people at the red chamber and also the
presidency shows no regard to the one Nigeria dream.
This can be shown by the president 97% and 5% statement and his
disobeying of court orders.

Nigerians have never had it this tough!

Our elected rulers who parade themselves as leaders from 1999 till
date have destroyed the country as much as they could and because of
this the nation may come to a standstill except extreme measures are

The present Nigeria doesn't deserve the title "The Giant Of Africa".
Nigeria is not a Giant.

Corruption, lopsided apointments and nepotism is the order of the day.

The country is a major producer of crude oil but yet we import petrol.
We lack infrastructures, we have inadequate power supply.
The entire country is messed up and needs a total overhaul.

Finally, my score card for Nigeria's Democracy @18 is 1/10.

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